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Is your 3D printer burning through filament?

Ask anyone with a 3D printer what they make most. The number one answer is: ‘trash’. This waste can be different things such as excess material, support pieces, anything that didn’t stick, or parts that still need adjusting.

It doesn’t matter what you do because there will always be a lot of waste. The obvious and smart solution here is to recycle all of this filament and that’s exactly where our filament maker comes into the picture. It’s a cool gadget to have but it’s mostly an awesome way to recycle filament into something useful.


What is a filament maker?

A filament maker is basically a way to make your own filament for 3D printers. On the one end, the machine swallows plastic pellets poured in by the user, and on the other end, the machine extrudes a filament of the desired diameter. Our filament maker is a desktop-sized complete filament production line packed into one machine making it possible for anyone to create spools of their own custom 3D-printing filament right at their desk. By converting waste filament into usable filament, we create a closed-loop cycle.

Benefits of a Filament Maker

Learning about filament extrusion and understanding the process can greatly benefit you and your company. As 3D printing technology advances it is so valuable to increase your knowledge of 3D printing as a whole. By understanding how filament works anf how to modify the materials involved you will be able to improve the filament to meet your specific needs.

There are some key benefits of using a filament extrusion machine including:

Easy to experiment and modify

It is easy to customize your prints and find the exact diameter or unique filament you are looking for. It’s easy to rapidly validate the properties and capabilities of your filament and determine the desired changes. Combine different types of granulate and additives to find what you need.

Save Money

Raw material is much cheaper and readily available. You will also reduce the costs of testing new forms of filament every time.


You can make your filament whenever required if you own your own filament-making machine causing lead times to shrink.


Recycling failed 3D prints and turning them into reusable filament is environmentally friendly.

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The customers we serve at 3devo are mostly innovators, creators and researchers that want to recycle plastic and/or manufacture custom filaments not found on the market. Our desktop filament maker and plastic shredder simplify their 3D printing needs. If you are an advanced maker, professional user or fablab manager, you should definitely consider investing in a filament maker.  Together, we break new ground in the development, production and recycling of 3D printing materials. Find out more and check out our Composer and Precision filament makers.

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