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3devo Opens its First Office in the U.S.

usd-3devoWe've Got Ourselves a New Place!

It’s official – 3devo now has an address in the U.S.! If you’ve been following our journey for a while now, you can probably guess how excited we must be to share this news with you.

In 2016, we were just an ambitious Utrecht-based startup with a single product to offer, the desktop extruder. In a couple of years, we had grown into an internationally recognized company known for its revolutionary material development solutions. And today, we’ve set ourselves up for bigger and better things by getting ourselves a place in Claymont, Delaware.

Why have we set up shop in the U.S.?

At 3devo, we aren’t just about making cutting edge products and technologies. We’re also about making sure that these products and technologies become available to end users across the globe. Over the past few years, we haven’t just focused on improving our products – we’ve also been hard at work making sure our customers have access to high-quality service and filament extrusion knowledge. And that’s precisely where the decision to expand to North America comes from.

To put it simply, a U.S. presence will allow us to cater to our overseas customers better. We’ve already been serving North American customers from our Utrecht headquarters, and we’ve done okay. But with our own address in the U.S., we can ensure a much better experience not just for our American clients, but also the rest of our North American clients.

And by that we mean:

  • An improved purchasing process: Buying a 3devo product in the U.S. is going to get a whole lot easier. Our American customers no longer have to deal with currency conversion hassles during payment, or worry about getting their machine shipped all the way from Europe.
  • Quicker deliveries across North America: Our customers work in fast-paced environments where delayed deliveries come with huge costs, both in terms of time and money. Thanks to our new distribution center in the U.S., we can significantly reduce lead times and minimize these costs. Our products will now reach our U.S. and North America customers in quick time.
  • Improved and on-demand customer service: Quick response times and efficient handling of customer issues have been our priorities for quite some time. And now, we’re going to be able to offer these services to our U.S. customers as well. Because we’ll be right around the corner, we can respond to service and repair calls faster, minimize downtimes, and provide extrusion training and support to American businesses.

So What’s Next?

Lots of exciting things, we hope! We’ll be looking to build lasting customer relationships within North American and support American businesses as they ideate and innovate. This expansion to the U.S. is a big milestone in 3devo’s journey, but we believe it’s just the start of a new chapter. A chapter in which we’ll be taking our products and technologies closer to our clients around the world, and establishing ourselves as a trusted and accessible tech company at an international level.

We look forward to having you on board as we step into this new phase. Keep following our blog for more news and updates from the States!