GP20 Plastic Shredder

Recycling plastic of any shape and size into granulate-size 3D printing material.

This dual design combines our intelligent plastic shredder with an integrated granulator, allowing you to focus on what you need. The functionality of our Shredder gives you the freedom and flexibility to incorporate it into any project within any industry.

GP20 Shredder Hybrid

Key Features

GP20 Plastic Shredder Projects

Compatible Materials

The GP20 Plastic Shredder is designed to handle a wide range of thermoplastics, making it suitable for a variety of recycling and manufacturing projects. Some of the materials you can use with the shredder:


Commonly used in beverage bottles and food containers.


Found in milk jugs, detergent bottles, and plastic bags.


Used in pipes, vinyl flooring, and medical equipment.


Used in plastic bags, six-pack rings, and various containers.


Found in packaging, textiles, and automotive parts.


Used in disposable coffee cups and plastic food boxes.


Used in aerospace, automotive, and medical applications.

Various plastics

Plastics like nylon, PC, and bioabsorbable materials.

Practical Applications

GP20 Plastic Shredder


Column 1
Column 2
Size & Weight
95 x 75 x 145 cm (3.7 x 2.95 x 5.7 in)
Dimensions of top hopper opening
120 x 114 mm (4.7 x4.5 in)
125 kg (275.6 lb)
AC 110V–120V 50/60Hz
AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
Pre-shredded PET-bottle
4 kg/h (8.8 lb/h)
Operation parameters
Max mechanical power
1500Watt (2x 750Watt)
Operating sound
63.7 - 90.6 dB (depends on the brutality of the material)
Total shredding blades
14 blades (Combination of 2, 3 and 7 teethblades are possible)
Default filter screen
3.5 mm
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Advanced Features

Dual Design

This dual design combines our intelligent plastic shredder with an integrated granulator, allowing you to focus on what you need. Recycling plastic of any shape and size into granulate-size 3D printing material. The functionality of the GP20 Hybrid gives you the freedom and flexibility to incorporate it into any project within any industry.


Intelligent Settings

As the user, you can tailor the GP20’s settings specifically to your needs. The smart sensors work together to automate several manual operations: 

  • Smart Feeding: The material input belt automatically matches the processing speed of the GP20.
  • Smart Troubleshooting: The knives can automatically reverse and continue to assure continuous processing. 
  • Smart Control: The temperature control sensor measures the processing temperature to eliminate material melting. 


GP20 Plastic Shredder - Intelligent feeding

Single Run

Next to the integrated dual design and automated settings, the individual components are optimized to achieve granulate-size regrinds in a single run. The filter screen and shredder blades are designed to always get the best outcome from any polymer.

Enhanced Safety

Following industry standards and safety protocols, the hopper design prevents any direct access to harmful components. Our CE certified GP20 will give you the best experience while keeping you safe.

Design of the GP20 Plastic Shredder

GP20 Plastic Shredder Hopper

GP20 Hopper

The hopper is precisely designed for efficient and safe operation. Its robust design allows for smooth feeding of a variety of thermoplastics, making it ideal for high volume shredding jobs.

The optimised shape of the hopper minimises the risk of clogging, ensuring a smooth flow of materials into the shredder.
In addition, the plastic shredder has an intelligent feed system that automatically adjusts the feed rate for optimum performance.

GP20 Plastic Shredder - Shredder Unit

Shredder Unit

The shredder is engineered for precision and efficiency, making it an essential tool for recycling various thermoplastic materials. It features swappable blades with different numbers of teeth, allowing for efficient and effective cutting of plastics of various sizes.

With a total of 14 blades, the plastic shredder offers combinations of 2, 3, and 7 teeth blades to cater to specific shredding requirements.

GP20 Plastic Shredder - Granulator Unit

Granulator Unit

The GP20 granulator is a highly efficient unit designed to grind plastic waste into uniform flakes. Featuring a 3-blade rotor and a 3.5mm filter screen, it ensures that the granulated material is of optimal size for filament production.

The blades provide consistent particle size, making the material ideal for further processing or direct reuse in the Filament Maker.

The granulator operates seamlessly with the shredder or as a standalone unit, offering flexibility and versatility in recycling operations.

GP20 Plastic Shredder - Container

GP20 Container

The container is designed to safely hold and transport crushed and granulated materials. Its design and easy-to-use locking mechanism ensures that materials are stored safely during processing.

GP20 Plastic Shredder - Trolley

GP20 Trolley

The trolley is a convenient and mobile solution for transporting the shredder and the granulator unit. Designed with durable wheels and a sturdy frame, the trolley allows easy movement within your workspace.

GP20 Plastic Shredder - Motor

GP20 Motor

Both of the units are powered by two motor, each delivering 750 watts, for a combined total of 1500 watts.

One engine is dedicated to the shredder, while the other powers the granulator. This dual-engine configuration ensures that both units operate at optimal efficiency, providing consistent and reliable performance during brutal plastic recycling and production tasks.

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R&D - Production

Bridging the Gap

In response to the ever-changing market demands, an increasing number of companies are seeking to accelerate their innovation by embracing in-house tools. This allows them to have complete control over their projects, spanning from R&D all the way to small-scale production.


A powerful production tool

With a 10x speed performance and a fully autonomous feeding system GP20 is the perfect in-house tool for small-scale productions!


A tool to enhance R&D

The easily accesible and removable components will reduce the transition time between the different materials by 90% while eliminate the contamination of your experiments from any debris.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of materials can the GP20 Plastic Shredder process?

The GP20 Plastic Shredder is designed to process a wide range of thermoplastic materials, including PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and PEEK. Its versatility makes it suitable for various recycling and production projects with different types of plastics.

How does the smart feeding system work?

The shredder’s smart feeding system uses an input belt that automatically adjusts the processing speed of the shredder. This ensures a consistent flow of material, optimizing efficiency and preventing jams during the shredding process.
Users also have the option to switch off the smart feeding system to manually control the feeding, allowing for customized optimization based on their specific requirements.

What are the benefits of the swappable shredder blades with different numbers of teeth?

The GP20 features swappable shredder blades with different numbers of teeth, providing versatility for various shredding needs. This allows users to efficiently process different plastic types and sizes, ensuring optimal shredding performance and material preparation for further processing or recycling. The ability to change blades easily enhances the machine’s adaptability and efficiency in handling a wide range of materials.

How do I maintain and clean the GP20 Plastic Shredder?

Maintenance of the GP20 Plastic Shredder is simple and easier than that of the previous model Shr3DIt. Check and clean the filter screen and shredder blades regularly to ensure optimal performance.
It is important to clean the machine between shredding different plastics so that they do not mix! It is even easier to clean the machine with an air compressor, but this is not necessary.


Can the shredder and granulator units of the GP20 operate independently?

Yes, the machine is designed so that the shredder and granulator units can operate as standalone units. This flexibility allows users to use each unit separately based on their specific needs, providing greater versatility in their recycling and production processes.

Is it possible to buy your products?

Absolutely! Our products are available for purchase at any time, whether you decide to buy them upfront or after renting the machine. You always have the option to buy out the equipment, and you have the freedom to choose whether to continue with the Success Service or not.

We highly suggest beginning your journey with the Success Service option to fully experience the value of our products and services in a low-risk and commitment-free manner.

When you feel ready, you can always choose to purchase the equipment. Our dedicated customer success agents are eager to provide you with all the necessary information.

What's the difference between buying and renting to your equipment?

Buying gives you immediate, unrestricted ownership ideal for long-term use, while subscribing offers flexibility, lower upfront costs, and the option to test our equipment before committing, with the added benefit of upgrading or returning as your project needs to evolve.