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Revolutionalizing 3D Printing Year by Year


3devo is a tech company founded by young inventive engineers in the Netherlands. Our mission centers on developing accessible and high-quality products to empower innovators and creators

Innovation at Light-speed

Back in 2014, we started tweaking our very first filament maker prototype. Along the way, many improvements have been made to what is known today as the Composer and Precision Filament Makers. But we didn’t stop there. We took the next step and decided to make it our priority to create products that fully covered the whole filament extrusion circle. From there, came our SHR3D IT plastic shredder which later evolved into the all-new GP20 Shredder Hybrid, alongside the Airid Polymer dryer, which enhances the quality of the 3D printing filament.

Focused Around Sustainability

Our goal is to assist the transition of businesses, educational facilities, and research labs to a more sustainable business model — not only from an economic perspective but also from an environmental-friendly practice of 3D printing. We stay focused on this goal by constantly improving our products and searching for ways to take material innovation to the next level.

What is 3devo all about?

3devo offers high-performance products and services, that transform filament extrusion into a closed-loop circle. By working with some of the biggest brands in the world, we dare to say that nobody excels in filament extrusion the way we do!

What does 3devo offer?

We are dedicated to helping our customers improve their competitive advantage through the customization of enhanced 3D printing filament. We offer the tools and knowledge — all you need to do is use it.

Why should you choose 3devo?

Your experience with 3devo products is our top priority. No exception. We make sure that we treat your issues like our own. Our support platform is full of guides, extrusion resources, and useful tips. Need more? We have a live support team for that. Any time and place with the click of a call.

Core values

Potential over Experience! We believe there is a lot more to achieve if you’re willing to learn. That’s why we look for the greatest potential instead of focusing on the most experience.


We’re Here to Help, Really Help!  We help each other and those who matter to us. If you need help, ask, and we’ll help you find the solution or the first next step. If we can’t help you, we’ll find someone who can.

Be The Change You Seek! Have the courage to solve the problems you find, and spark change. Whether it’s to better our processes, products, people, or place. Finding problems is easy, finding solutions is where it gets difficult/exciting.

Every Client is a Partner! We take ownership of the challenges our clients experience in reaching their goal. We work hard to build a relationship where we can get there together as partners.services.

Focus X Effort = Success! If we focus on the right things and work hard enough we will reach success, no matter how ambitious the plans. Dare to explore.

Freedom with Responsibility! We enjoy the freedom to try new things, and we take ownership of our actions and results. Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.


Learn How It All Started and Where We Are Today


3devo is Founded!

3devo is officially registered as a company, and starts developing products for the 3D printing industry.


Launch of the Filament Maker!

Revolutionizing material development by empowering innovators to develop their own 3D printing material.


Closing the Loop

We expanded our portfolio to include our AIRID Polymer Dryer and SHR3D IT plastic shredder. Streamlining a full filament ecosystem and closing the loop


Industrial Machines for Any Workspace 

As our client base grew, so did their applications. Our newest plastic shredder, the GP20 Shredder Hybrid allows for industrial application, at the convenience of your workspace. 


Scaling Up! 

Six years later, and 3devo is seeing rapid growth. Whether it be our international partners, or the diverse team we're building, we're scaling up!

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