About 3devo

Empowering Your 3D Printing Innovations:
We are 3devo, your partner in materials transformation

Who Are We?

3devo is a Dutch tech company founded by young, inventive engineers. Our ultimate goal is to be the best possible project partner to our customers in the development of plastic filament. 

We work to empower innovators and creators, using our in-house materials knowledge and experience in filament extrusion to create meaningful impact in the 3D printing industry.

Our core mission... Enable one million 3D printing innovations by 2032.

Our Identity

What is 3devo all about?

With our extensive knowledge in materials development, we empower the pioneers of filament innovation in the 3D printing industry. We are a partner in progress, helping you to explore and realize the potential of filament technology.

What does 3devo offer?

Beyond machines like filament makers and shredders, we offer in-depth consulting, project collaboration, and a commitment to sustainability. We provide tools and expertise to support and enhance our clients' innovative projects.

Why should you choose 3devo?

We want to champion the success of your projects with the best support possible. As fellow engineers, we understand that not every project reaches the finish line on the first try. But we also know that that's where the real opportunities lie! Our mission to enable one million 3D printing innovations isn't just about celebrating successes; it's about embracing every opportunity for growth and learning that comes along the way. 

That's what you'll receive when working with us - a team of enthusiastic specialists working alongside, ready to celebrate your successes and take joy in the non-linear process to get there. 

Our Motivation

We Are... Committed

We are committed to enabling one million 3D printing innovations, fostering a community where creativity and sustainability in material development are paramount. Moving away from a primary focus on sales, we're redirecting our energy towards more meaningful project collaboration.

We Are... Innovators

Since 2014, 3devo's journey has been driven by a passion for progress and innovation, beginning with the development of our first Filament Maker prototype. Our Composer and Precision Filament Makers symbolize our curiosity and commitment to unlocking potential. But our vision extended beyond this – we aspired to complete the filament extrusion cycle. From there, came our GP20 Plastic Shredder, alongside the Airid Polymer dryer, which enhances the quality of the 3D printing filament.

But this journey is not just about creating products; it's about working together with our fellow innovators (you) to make an impact in the 3D printing industry. 

We Are... Sustainably Minded

Our goal is to assist the transition of businesses, educational facilities, and research labs to a more sustainable business model — not only from an economic perspective but also from an environmental-friendly practice of 3D printing.

Our expertise and technology serve as a bridge for our customers, guiding them towards sustainable and economically viable solutions.

Our Core Values


How It All Started and Where We Are Today


3devo is Founded!

3devo is officially registered as a company, and starts developing products for the 3D printing industry.


Launch of the Filament Maker!

Revolutionizing material development by empowering innovators to develop their own 3D printing material.

Filament Makers

Closing the Loop

We expanded our portfolio to include our AIRID Polymer Dryer and SHR3D IT plastic shredder. Streamlining a full filament ecosystem and closing the loop


Industrial Machines for Any Workspace 

As our client base grew, so did their applications. Our newest plastic shredder, the GP20 Shredder Hybrid allows for industrial application, at the convenience of your workspace. 


Scaling Up! 

Six years later, and 3devo is seeing rapid growth. Whether it be our international partners, or the diverse team we're building, we're scaling up!


Introduce DevoJourney

The time to embark on your DevoJourney with us has arrived! Our experts are ready to guide you in unlocking the full potential of your extrusion and 3D printing projects.


The Arrival of Filament Maker TWO

The year 2024 marks the launch of our improved Filament Maker TWO Fusion and HighFlow, a machine that reflects the dedication of our engineers to delivering excellence.


3devo Evolution!

Beginning in January 2024, we're evolving our business model to focus more on project collaboration and innovation in filament extrusion projects.

Meet The Team

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