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Vision and Goal

Our aim is to support innovators globally by establishing a professional, capable, and dependable reseller network. Aligned with our 10-year goal of enabling one million 3D printing innovations, we seek to broaden our reach, fostering success through collaboration and effectiveness.


Our Philosophy

At 3Devo, we prioritize authenticity, trust, and value creation. Our reseller philosophy is built on fostering genuine relationships with our resellers, aiming for long-term mutual success rather than immediate gains.


Why work with 3devo?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are resellers crucial to 3devo?

Resellers are vital in realizing our vision and goals. By extending our reach and resources, our reseller network plays a crucial role in supporting innovators. This collaborative effort enables us to create an ecosystem where innovation thrives and mutual growth flourishes.

How does the reseller program complement 3devo's business model?

Our business model emphasizes integration with our official Partner network, steering towards a reseller-focused strategy. This approach not only facilitates a seamless transition but also underscores the importance of resellers in enhancing our distribution network and fostering mutual growth.

What is the reseller journey like with 3devo?

The journey begins with your application, which undergoes thorough review to ensure alignment with our vision. Subsequently, we initiate a trial phase of collaboration to assess mutual suitability. Throughout this period, you'll receive essential support from 3devo. Upon mutual agreement to become an official partner, we will grant you the authority to represent us officially. You'll receive additional support such as onboarding training and access to exclusive resources. As we progress together, we leverage our support and network to facilitate the expansion of your business and foster innovation.


How can I become a 3devo reseller?

To become a reseller, submit your application through our website. We review each application to ensure a good fit with our goals and values, focusing on mutual success and long-term partnerships.

Does 3devo work with with resellers on all continents?

While 3devo strives to establish partnerships globally, our presence on each continent depends on market conditions, legal compliance, and distribution capabilities. We are actively expanding our network to include resellers from all continents, focusing on building a diverse and comprehensive network that can support our mission worldwide. If you're interested in becoming a reseller and are located on a continent where our presence is currently limited, we encourage you to reach out. We're keen on exploring new opportunities and making our innovative solutions accessible worldwide.

How do I find resellers you work with?

To find a 3devo reseller near you, please visit our Find a Reseller page. If you can't locate a reseller in your area through this page, feel free to contact us directly for assistance.