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3devo's 2021: A Year In Review


We can look back at 2021 as a year of great unease, however, here at 3devo we were still able to accomplish some proud moments that you may have missed. We started our year with an unusual partnership with an extreme racing series, followed by a product release, lots of events, a collaboration with Audi and more!

It has been a very busy year, but we have kept our spirits high and excited for the partnerships and collaborations we’ve made along the way. May this timeline serve as a taste for what lies in store for 2022.



During February, 3devo was confirmed by Extreme E as its Official Supplier of equipment and training to create the championship’s trophies from consumer plastic waste.


Extreme E is a radical new racing series, which will see electric SUVs competing in extreme environments around the world which have already been damaged or affected by climate and environmental issues.

"This concept from 3devo was founded by young inventive engineers and I’m delighted Extreme E is able to implement this technology. The 3devo mission to assist businesses to be more sustainable is a shared vision of Extreme E." -Ali Russel, Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme E

Locations, as mentioned, are chosen to raise awareness of specific aspect of climate change, next to that Extreme E has a “Legacy Programme” which aims to provide social and environmental support for those locations. Extreme E launched this year with their first season which started in April 2021.

We partnered with Extreme E and sent them our full solution: Precision 450 Filament Maker, SHR3D IT Plastic Shredder (which is now replaced by the GP20 Shredder Hybrid) as well as the AIRID Polymer Dryer.

The shared vision of sharing a message of sustainability made this partnership a no-brainer.




On the 5th of June we celebrated five years since we’ve been officially and legally registered as a company back in 2016.

We celebrated this with a cake, a presentation about our new consultancy service, the launch of our sustainability department, the premier of our 5-year anniversary video, and a huge (COVID safe) .

We would like to thank everyone involved, including our customers, collaborators, friends, and family who helped us along this grand journey. From Kickstarter to a company




GP20 Shredder Hybrid.jpg

After over a year of working on it, we released the GP20 Shredder Hybrid, a replacement to the popular desktop shredder, the SHR3D IT. The GP20 opened the door to many more 3D printing possibilities and opportunities for our users.

Over time, we listened to our customers and realized we could do better in terms of shredding plastic to be used for filament extrusion. The GP20 Shredder is a high-performance shredder suited for a wide range of polymer applications. The choice between 2, 3, or 7 teeth blades for a total of 14 blades allows for the best outcome of any application needs.

Some Key Benefits of The GP20 Shredder Hybrid

  • Modular Design
  • Intelligent Settings
  • Customizable components
  • Enhanced safety
  • Easy to clean



Audi and Filament Maker


Towards the end of this year, Audi saw themselves aiming towards net-zero carbon emissions at all of their sites. One of their key concerns though – the overwhelming need for plastics to create the high-quality components used in their automobiles.

"Our goal was to create a material cycle that would allow us to recycle some of the mixed plastics that accumulate during the production of, say, an Audi A7."  -Volker Eitrich, Project Manager, Audi

The team was able to recycle ABS, a plastic that is not recycled by most recycling programs. However, this project along with the help of our products, allowed Audi to recycle their ABS in-house, create filament and then turn this plastic into useful tools.

Audi Parts Tray


The success of the pilot project at Neckarsulm has cleared the way for a variety of upcycling ideas to unfold. Usable parts and components from recycled ABS is now possible for the Audi research team, helping them take a significant step towards the Mission: Zero initiative.

Benefits of this step also focus on improving their operational costs and lead times.






Even though COVID-19 provided a challenge in terms of travelling this year, we were still lucky enough to attend some popular . In September, we attended TCT 3Sixty in Birmingham, followed by ADDIT3D in Bilbao in October, and ending with FormNext in Frankfurt which was held in November.

We met customers who remembered us from our Kickstarter days to new clients who found us online just a couple days before heading to the ! Below is an overview of what transpired during the 4 days of FormNext.



In closing, the last 2 years have been a huge challenge for us. However, the last bit of good news is that not only did we keep the same team before COVID started, but we were able to add 10 new team members to our small company!

Would you like to join our team? We are currently on the look out for new potential, so don’t forget to check out our careers page if you would be interested in joining our team too.

This timeline has been a recap of our year, but more importantly, shows us what to expect for next year. In 2022, we hope to achieve more collaborations, partnerships, events and more. We are very excited, so please stay tuned for all the new updates coming up in the next few months. From everyone at 3devo, we wish you a pleasant festive season and prosperous new year!

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