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Revolutionizing Tissue Reconstruction with 3D-Printing Technology

Lattice Medical Breast Implants

Are you looking for an innovative solution to accelerate your research potential? Look no further than Lattice Medical's revolutionary 3D technology for post-cancer tissue reconstruction.

Founded in 2017, this French biomedical start-up has developed an absorbable breast implant solution called Mattise. Unlike traditional methods, Mattise allows for the natural regeneration of breast tissue using a base of autologous adipose tissue and a 3D printed absorbable implant. This means no more multiple surgeries, reduced costs and risks of complications, and improved accessibility and affordability for those in need of reconstructive and plastic surgeries.




Promising Innovations for Breast Reconstruction Patients

But don't just take our word for it. Lattice Medical has partnered with CHU-Lille France to develop this patented technology, and they have faced the challenge of researching and perfecting a highly expensive material. They found the solution in a desktop filament maker, the Composer 450, which enabled them to extrude the material at a high level of accuracy while also being efficient with the material.

As described by Lattice Medical: "At €5000 per kg, the material is like gold. We needed to make both testing and production cost-effective."
Kevin Roux, Engineer (R&D and Production) Lattice Medical

Want to learn more about Lattice Medical's revolutionary technology and how they used the Composer 450 in their research and production process? Download our case study now to find out! By downloading our case study, you'll be able to understand the challenges faced by Lattice Medical, the solution they found and how it helped them in the development of their technology.


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