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Top 5 Most Useful 3D Printed Objects


So you have a 3D printer, and you love printing simply because it’s your hobby. However, 3D printers can also print items that have some practical use. Whether for yourself, or perhaps for some great gift ideas, these objects may be pretty useful. Therefore in no particular order, let us take a closer look at some useful 3D printed objects for your home and office.

5. Knife-shaped Key Holder

I’m not a huge fan of keys. I can never seem to find the right one, as it’ll usually be nestled deep in my pockets. But, with this handy knife-shaped key ring, you can now keep multiple keys all on one MacGyver-like keyring. It can also serve as a great gift idea, as it’s not always easy to find key holders look good and fit snugly in your pocket.

“Thanks for this, already printed 3 of these for friends :D I also found that you can do it with M4 threaded bushings and M4 Flat Allen Screws!” – Johetan

Knife Shaped Key Holder 3D print

Just a note, the instructions might be a little cryptic, but many people have still received great results. Now all you need is a blade that can be locked into place and you’ll be all set.

4. Nut, Bolt, Washer and Threaded Rod Factory

It was only a matter of time. Nuts and bolts get lost and sometimes even break, and you might find yourself out of luck when looking for a replacement. Luckily, now with 3D printing, you’re able to get those nuts, bolts, washers, and threaded rods back with almost the same level of strength as before.

“Amazing!!! keep up man! with this, you have saved one my important project” – predator75

3D Printed Nuts and Bolts

To get the right size, you simply have to type in the parameters that you require into Customizer. The designer is also very responsive in the comments section so if you have any questions it may have already been answered there.

3. Filament Clip

There are many objects out there making your 3D printing life easier, but this one just ticked all the right boxes for me. You can find objects designed just for your 3D printer, however, everybody needs filament, so keeping your filament in order and easily accessible it great.

“…This is great as it allows me to use my spool with the loose filament as I can clip the spools filament down and also clip the new filament on the existing filament. Thanks you saved me a lot of hand feeding!” – DanielBull

3D Printing Filament Clip

I love that it works on any spool, plus you are also able to customize this model so it fits your filament in an elegant fashion.

2. Cable Clip

It doesn’t matter if you’re a neat freak or not, after a certain number of cables, some level of cable management comes in useful. There are other types of cable management models out there too, but this one seemed to be the most practical. I love the fact that it is adjustable, so it doesn’t matter how thick your desk is. It also serves as a great place to keep your peripheral cables clean on your desk

“Very useful thingy! I have a powered USB hub on my table that I often unplug – now the cables don’t drop under the table anymore.” – JonnyBischof

3D Printing Cable Clip

via Youmagine

Getting the cables into the clip itself is extremely easy too, making it great for both your office and living room spaces.

1. Mobile Cases

Yes, it seems like a cop-out in a list like this, but you can’t go wrong with something that’s going to protect a device that some people value more than their significant others. Whether you want a Portal-themed Galaxy Note 2 case all the way to a premium iPad Mini case, mobile devices have their purpose. A sturdy build and the ability to have infinite possibilities on how you want it to look.

“I have printed out 6 other cases for my iphone 6 and none of them fit but your v2 case fits perfectly and I am currently using it! Thank you for such a great design.” – Davinci3dprinte

3D Printing Iphone 6 Case

For something that you will be looking at every day while providing your device with decent protection while making for a great gift idea, mobile device cases will always come in handy.


So yes, 3D printing is amazing for creating aesthetically pleasing objects for your home, but it also has the ability to produce items with some practical use, too. I hope these will help you, and let me know in the comments section if you know of any objects that you have found useful for your home or office.