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Why Should You Go to Formnext 2021?

Formnext 2021 banner

Formnext has become the global hotspot for the latest technologies in 3D printing. The German-based exhibition is held in Frankfurt every year. It has steadily grown to become a must-visit event for all 3D printing lovers. Formnext 2019 promises to be better than ever. Experts from all over the world flock to Frankfurt in November to witness all the latest in 3D printing. 623 of the world’s leading 3D printing companies will be exhibiting. Showcasing their best. However, what sets Formnext apart from other expos are unique programs and networking events. These programs and events are set up to push additive manufacturing forward. 

Why you should visit

Formnext hosts many panels and seminars showcasing the various aspects of 3D printing. For example, the additve4industry panel highlights various industrial applications of the technology used by the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association and all of its 150 members. Though Formnext appeals to many industry leaders and experts, the exhibition is very keen on supporting up and coming additive manufacturing startups. The international startup Areas and Innovations made in Germany Area both shed light on new ideas and companies. This provides them with their own space where visitors can interact with the latest innovations and ideas straight from the people directly responsible for them.

Formnext 3devo

Copyright: Mesago / Thomas Masuch

What you can learn at Formnext

Apart from highlighting startups, Formnext puts a lot of emphasis on educating its visitors. One way the exhibit does this is with the TCT @ Formnext panel. TCT  collaborates with Formnext bringing together expert individuals and teams in sectors such as the automotive, aerospace and medical fields, to name a few. This environment combines theory with application, demonstrating the usability and impact of new technology. This conference is the perfect space for sharing information and learning.

Formnext 3devo

Copyright: Mesago / Mathias Kutt

3devo at Formnext 2021

3devo will join the hundreds of companies bringing with it’s latest addition to it’s filament ecosystem, the GP20 Plastic Shredder Hybrid. The past year and a half has been busy at 3devo. 3devo has collected all the knowledge gained from the past four years of experience with the previous SHR3D IT plastic shredder, and created a smart 2-in-1 shredder and granulator. With numerous upgrades and improvements, next to autonomous settings, additional elements improved include: modular design, intelligent settings, and customizable components. The AIRID polymer dryerPrecision and Composer Filament makers, and of course the shredder, have all gone through major improvements.

What Has Changed Since 2019?

So apart from introducing a new machine to our line up, what else is different? Firstly we have grown tremendously, adding 10 valuable employees to our team this year alone, and gaining more knowledge through that. We have become better at understanding the various materials in the market and those our customers use. Furthermore, we are more committed to sustainability within our products than ever. One of our main priorities is making our solutions as eco-friendly as possible, something we are achieving through our complete circular solution for filament extrusion. 

Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself as you can throw plastic bottles and caps into our GP20 Shredder Hybrid and watch how you can make usable filament from the regrinds!

Come See Us!

Come along, and chat with us and other companies at Formnext 2021 from the 16th to the 19th of November. 

Please bear in mind that German COVID-19 regulations apply, to prepare yourself read Germany’s regulations and those being applied to Formnext’s.

Visit us at Stand F.122 in Hall 12.1 at Formnext 2021 in Frankfurt, Germany!