Filament Maker TWO

Meet our New Filament Maker TWO. A powerful filament extruder and filament production factory in one machine.

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Filament Maker TWO Features:

Ultra-Precise Temperature Control

450°C capability: Suitable for a vast range from basic PLA to advanced PEEK, meeting diverse printing needs.

Exceptional Filament Dimension Accuracy

Diameters 0.5-4.0 mm, tolerance ±0.05 mm: High-resolution 3-axis sensor ensures supreme accuracy.

High-Durability Extrusion Components

480mm extruder screw, 38CrMoAlA steel: Nitride-hardened for durability, ideal for advanced compounding.

Sophisticated Multi-Zone Heating System

4 adjustable heating zones: Allows precise thermal control for consistent material properties.

Innovative Material Compatibility

Customizable mixing screw: Facilitates the development of unique filament blends for specialized applications.

Versatile Operation Modes

Auto/manual starts: Offers flexibility to match different research and development workflows.

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Lease or Buy? Discover Filament Maker TWO Options

Embark on your creation journey with a trial, followed by flexible leasing or buying choices. Intrigued?

Enhanced Extrusion Control

  • Precision Engineering: Extended screw length and optimized barrel for unmatched extrusion control and consistent filament quality.
  • Adaptive Heating System: Four heating zones and advanced heaters for precise temperature control across various materials.
  • Dynamic Screw Design: Standard or mixing screw options to customize the extrusion for diverse material compatibility and enhanced filament quality.
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Advanced New Sensor

  • Smart Calibration: Camera-guided adjustments for precise filament dimensions.
  • Live Inspection:  Instant diameter checks with real-time visual feedback.
  • Peak Accuracy: 3-axis design and enhanced optics ensure minimal external light disruption.



Intuitive Touch Interface

  • Seamless Navigation: Experience effortless control with a 7" LCD touchscreen, offering intuitive access to all functionalities.
  • Custom Profiles: Easily set and store custom filament parameters, enhancing your project's efficiency and precision.
  • Connective Convenience: USB connectivity allows for easy data transfer and firmware updates, keeping your system at peak performance.

Modular Maintenance Ease

  • Quick-Change Components: Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with easily removable parts, ensuring your system is always running smoothly.
  • Effortless Cleaning: Modular design and removable insulation with Velcro make cleaning a breeze, minimizing downtime.
  • Optimal Operation: Advanced cooling and precise temperature monitoring maintain optimal conditions for consistent, high-quality filament production.
Filament Maker Two Components

Advanced Material Handling

  • Optimized Hopper Design: The redesigned hopper features enhanced heat transfer, cooling fins, and a steeper angle for improved material flow and thermal management.
  • Versatile Feed Options: Accommodate various material forms with an adjustable hopper throat and a secure, threaded connection for extensions, ensuring a steady and reliable feed.


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Spooling Perfection

  • Adaptable Spool System: Switch between spool sizes with ease, accommodating a wide range of filament requirements.
  • Automatic Tensioning: The innovative tensioner arm adjusts automatically, ensuring perfect filament winding without manual tweaking.
  • Expanded Capacity: Increased spooling area allows for larger spools, facilitating longer, uninterrupted printing sessions.
FMTWO Spooling
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Technical Specs

Filament Maker TWO FAQs

When will the Filament Maker TWO be available for leasing?

The Filament Maker TWO is set for launch in Q4 2024. Leasing and buying options are already available on our website. Exact availability will depend on the launch date within this timeframe. Keep an eye on our social media or updates on our website when the product launch becomes official. 

Can I pre-purchase the Filament Maker TWO, and what are the benefits?

Yes, you can pre-purchase the Filament Maker TWO ahead of its official launch between May and August 2024. By pre-buying, you'll have the unique opportunity to participate in our co-creation phase, where we welcome your suggestions and feature requests. This collaborative approach allows us to consider incorporating your valuable input into the final product, enhancing its functionality and suitability for diverse applications.

Contact our material specialist team to learn more about this unique offer. 

Can the Filament Maker TWO produce filament from recycled materials?

Yes, the Filament Maker TWO is capable of processing recycled plastics, making it an ideal choice for sustainability-focused projects. The optimized hopper design and material compatibility ensure smooth processing of various recycled materials.

Visit our Materials Page to find what materials we have tested with, and you can work with as well.

How does the automatic tensioning system improve filament spooling?

The automatic tensioning system in the Filament Maker TWO ensures consistent tension during spooling, resulting in evenly wound spools that are essential for uninterrupted 3D printing sessions.

Can I test my materials with the Filament Maker TWO before fully committing?

Absolutely. We offer a comprehensive validation phase specifically designed to test the compatibility of your materials with the Filament Maker TWO. This includes detailed assessments such as Melt Flow Index (MFI) testing to evaluate the flow properties of thermoplastics and extrusion tests to determine how well your materials are processed through our machine.

Based on these tests, we can provide expert recommendations and modifications to optimize extrusion performance. This proactive approach ensures your materials are well-suited for the Filament Maker TWO, minimizing the risk of any challenges during your projects.

Can I customize the Filament Maker TWO to my specific project needs?

Absolutely. We specialize in co-development and can tailor the Filament Maker TWO and our services to fit unique project requirements, ensuring your innovative ideas come to life.

What if I decide to buy the Filament Maker TWO after the trial?

You're welcome to purchase the Filament Maker TWO at any point. The trial period is designed to ensure the machine meets your expectations, with flexible options available for buying or subscribing afterwards.

Can the Filament Maker TWO handle materials requiring high temperatures, such as PEEK?

Absolutely, the Filament Maker TWO is equipped to handle high-temperature materials up to 450°C, including advanced thermoplastics like PEEK, PEKK, and more, making it ideal for high-end engineering applications.

Are You Ready to Innovate?

Filament Maker TWO
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