Filament Maker TWO

Meet our New Filament Maker TWO—a powerful Filament Extruder and filament research platform in one machine.

Filament Maker TWO spooling filament with computer with data log

Filament Maker TWO

Key Features of Filament Maker TWO

Increased Stability

Experience the ultimate in stability and performance with the Filament Maker TWO. Designed to deliver consistent filament quality, it’s your perfect companion for advanced filament extrusion. Features include:

  • High Motor Torque
  • Optimized Heating
  • Increased Compression Ratio
  • More optimal LD Ratio
Filament Maker TWO Spooing

Filament Sensor 2

A Leap in Filament Quality Control

3 Axis Measurements
Thermal Sensor
Image Processing

New Filament Sensor for the Filament Maker TWO, three axis measurements

3 Axis measurements

By measuring the filament from three sides, the sensor can detect any ovality, ensuring the filament maintains a uniform round shape. This results in higher quality and more reliable prints.


New Filament Sensor for the Filament Maker TWO, Thermal sensor

Thermal Sensor

The thermal sensor accurately measures the filament temperature just before it reaches the puller wheels. This allows for precise adjustments to prevent filament squishing and ensures consistent filament quality.


New Filament Sensor for the Filament Maker TWO, Image processing

Coming 2025: Image Processing

The image processing capability allows for real-time monitoring of the filament's integrity. It helps identify and correct any imperfections, leading to a more consistent and reliable filament output.

Built as a Platform

Create. Customize. Innovate. Our reliable platform offers a stable foundation for further customer-specific developments. Enjoy easy data output and seamless API integration for ultimate control.

  • Data logging - Automatic data logging captures every detail, saving values every second on a server. 

  • API Access - Our API allows real-time data retrieval and machine control. Customize operations to fit your specific needs

  • Coming 2025: CAN-bus - Easily add and integrate new modules with our CAN-bus protocol. This open system provides power and communication for custom add-ons
Filament Maker TWO with data log on laptop

Improved User

Experience seamless filament extrusion with our newest and most technologically advanced Filament Extruder. Designed to provide precise control and real-time feedback, our new features ensure that every spool is perfect. 

Touchscreen Interface
Variable Puller
Spool chuck

Filament Maker TWO Touchschreen

Touchscreen Interface

Navigate and control your Filament Maker TWO effortlessly with the intuitive touchscreen. Easily access settings, monitor progress, and make adjustments for a seamless experience.

Adjustable tension of the puller of Filament Maker TWO

Variable Puller

Adjust the puller force to accommodate different materials, ensuring optimal tension and consistent filament quality. Switch between flexible and rigid materials with ease.

Spool chuck of Filament Maker TWO

Spool Chuck

Our innovative Spool Chuck design makes filament loading simple. Secure spools quickly and easily, reducing setup time and enhancing convenience.


Enhance your Flament Maker TWO's performance with our improved serviceability features, which are designed for easy disassembly and maintenance.

Easy Disassembly
Screw Removal

Extrusion system from the inside of Filament Maker TWO

Easy disassembly

Quick access to components allows for fast and straightforward maintenance. Parts can be easily removed and reassembled without the need for specialized tools or extensive knowledge.

Easy screw removal of the Filament Maker TWO

Screw Removal

Simplified cleaning with our enhanced compression screw removal process. Effortlessly remove the screw for thorough cleaning, reducing downtime and ensuring your filament maker operates at peak performance.

Filament maker TWO


Column 1
Column 2
Size and Weight
606 x 258 x 526 mm
42 kg
Extrusion Drive
Max. torque
Max. RPM
50 Nm
0 – 15 RPM
Hopper System
Active cooled
2.6 L
Band Heaters
Max. Temperature
Heating zones
Heater power
450 °C
230W per heater
Compression Screw
Screw Material
Hardening treatment
Screw Design
High Chromium and Molybdenum steel alloy
3 stages
Filament sensor
Measurements axis
Thermal sensor
10 µm
5 fps
> 25 per second
Max. Spool diameter
Max. Spool width Max. Spool weight Automatic Tensioner Friction wheel Spooling system
100 °C
380 °C
Max. Spool diameter
Max. Spool width
Max. Spool weight
Automatic tensioner
Friction wheel
Spooling system
300 mm
5 kg
Spool cuck
Consumption average
Consumption Max.
300 – 400 W
1300 W
230 V or 110 V
50 – 60 Hz
Power plug
3 ports
Schuko male to C13
Compatible materials

Rent or Buy? Discover Filament Maker TWO Options

Embark on your creation journey with a trial, followed by flexible leasing or buying choices. Intrigued?

Filament Maker TWO
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Technical Specs
Do you have any questions?

We're here to help!

Do you have any questions?

We're here to help!

Filament Maker TWO FAQs

What is the Filament Maker TWO?

The Filament Maker TWO is a powerful filament extruder and research platform designed to produce high-quality 3D printing filament. It offers advanced stability, precise control, and easy customization for a seamless filament extrusion experience.

When will the Filament Maker TWO be available for renting?

The Filament Maker TWO is available for renting in Q4 of 2024. You can start with a two-month refundable trial phase to see results before committing. Our flexible renting model allows you to cancel anytime or buy out the equipment. For more details, check out our renting page.

Additional Benefits of Renting:

  • Monthly personal consultations
  • Spare parts & consumables
  • Tailored project roadmap
  • Email support
  • Hardware proficiency certification
Can I pre-purchase the Filament Maker TWO, and what are the benefits?

Yes, you can purchase the Filament Maker TWO for €16,995. The purchase includes a tailored project roadmap, hardware-related email support, and hardware proficiency certification. Please note that shipping costs, VAT, and a one-time professional onboarding fee of €1500 are not included. For more details, check out our buying page.

Additional Benefits of Buying:

  • Full ownership of the machine
  • No recurring rental fees
  • Access to all future software updates and upgrades

Begin your custom filament project with expert guidance today!

Can the Filament Maker TWO produce filament from recycled materials?

Absolutely! The Filament Maker TWO is designed to handle recycled materials, allowing you to create sustainable and high-quality 3D printing filament from various sources. Different materials have different properties, so we offer validation services for your specific material:

  1. Material Test: Is your material extrudable? The Melt Flow Index (MFI) test will give you the answer for €200. More info here.
  2. Filament Development Analysis: Is the produced filament printable? Send us your material and get a detailed development report for €2000. More info here. Contact us for 

Alternatively, you can directly go to the trial phase to test the equipment with your materials for two months risk-free. More info here.

What materials can the Filament Maker TWO handle?

The Filament Maker TWO can process a wide range of materials, including advanced thermoplastics such as PEEK, PEKK, PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, and Nylon. It also accommodates various additives like carbon fibers, glass fibers, metal powders, and colorants, as well as SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) powder form materials. With processing temperatures up to 450°C, this machine is highly versatile and ideal for numerous 3D printing applications. If you want to know if your project is feasible, book a meeting with a material specialist here..

How accurate are the filament measurements with the Filament Maker TWO?

The Filament Maker TWO ensures peak accuracy with its advanced 3-axis design and enhanced optics, minimizing external light disruption. It features smart calibration with camera-guided adjustments for precise filament dimensions and live inspection capabilities for instant diameter checks with real-time visual feedback.

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