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At 3devo, we understand that innovation requires a personalized approach.

During our meeting, we'll evaluate your project's feasibility and customize the next steps. We'll discuss how technologies such as the Filament Maker and GP20 Shredder & Granulator can efficiently be added to your project and if they can bring bring your ideas to life.

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Our team of material experts are highly skilled and specialized in filament extrusion, and they are here to help with any questions you may have.

What To Expect From Our Meeting

“During our recent discussion with 3devo's materials experts, we received thoughtful advice on optimizing our 3D printing processes. Their team offered a practical perspective on how we could improve our use of recycled materials, which was insightful. While we have consulted with various specialists, 3devo provided a clear approach that we found quite beneficial. Their expertise in the field becomes obvious from the very first minutes of the call, and their suggestions are now being considered for implementation in our projects.”
“I just finished a consultation with 3devo’s materials experts, and it feels like they've accelerated my project by months. The clarity and focused expertise they provided are invaluable—saving me from countless trials and errors. The actionable steps they recommended are perfectly tailored to our specific challenges in developing new 3D printing materials. I definitely recommend it for anyone in this field looking for rapid, impactful insights. A huge thank you to the 3devo team for setting clear and immediate paths forward!”