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At 3devo, we understand that innovation requires a personalized approach.

During our meeting, we'll evaluate your project's feasibility and customize the next steps. We'll discuss how the Filament Maker and GP20 Shredder & Granulator can efficiently be added to your project and if they can bring bring your ideas to life.


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Our team of material experts are highly skilled and specialized in filament extrusion, and they are here to help with any questions you may have.


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“In our recent talk with 3devo's experts, we gained valuable advice on enhancing our 3D printing with recycled materials. Their clear, practical approach stood out among others we've consulted, showcasing their immediate expertise and offering suggestions we're now integrating into our projects.”
“After consulting with 3devo's material experts, my project leaped forward, saving months of trial and error. Their precise advice on developing new 3D printing materials was invaluable, giving us clear, immediate steps forward. Highly recommended for quick, effective solutions in this field. A big thanks to the 3devo team!”