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Our Filament Makers Just Got Better

filament-makers-350-450-1030x441Meet The Brand New Filament Makers!

The Precision and Composer Series

These past few months have been exciting here at 3devo. We looked into everything that made our filament makers a success and everything that could make them better. Now we’re proud to announce two new-and-improved series of products. Here’s a first look at the Precision Series and Composer Series filament makers. These latest devices make working with materials simpler than ever, offering even more possibilities in manufacturing and innovation.

Focused on Better Results

Our NEXT filament maker found numerous applications in industries ranging from education and research to manufacturing and aerospace. They brought users various benefits, including shorter lead times, reduced material waste, and increased control over material making. Also, they facilitated material research and customization while introducing the precision of industrial filament making to desktop-based setups.

However, we realized that our filament makers could serve these purposes even better – if they focused on specific requirements. As a result, our new Precision and Composer Series filament makers are specialized, result-oriented machines to simplify the material-making process. Each in a different way.

The Precision Series Filament Maker

The Precision series enables mass production of 3D printing filament with improved speeds and diameter accuracy. A high-flow extruder screw allows the filament to be produced at high speeds while maintaining diameter precision.

The Composer Series Filament Maker

The Composer series targets material mixing and experimentation, allowing innovators to develop custom filament from a wide variety of polymers and additives. With a mixing screw, this delivers quality material mixing and compounding.

The Duo

Both series have two additional models that address material-specific requirements. The Precision 350 and the Composer 350 can handle temperatures up to 350°C, allowing them to comfortably process polymers including PLA, ABS, PC, PS, PETG, TPU, TPE, PPS, PA (6,12,66) along with others. In addition, the Precision 450 and the Composer 450 have higher temperature tolerances (up to 450°C), which means they can additionally process high-performance polymers like PAEK, PSU, PTFE, PVDF, and more.

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It's What's Inside that Counts

Our new filament makers contain numerous upgrades and improvements to deliver better results. Here is what we improved:

Swappable Design

Every Precision and Composer model has an improved extruder system with an innovative ‘swappable’ design. We’ve designed the entire extruder system – extruder screw, barrel, die-head, motor, and heaters – as an independent, removable unit to simplify cleaning, repair, and maintenance. Disassembling and reattaching this unit is a quick and simple process that users can now manage on their own.

Advanced Heating System

Efficient temperature handling is central to high-quality filament extrusion. To this end, we’ve upgraded the heating system. All Precision and Composer filament makers now contain ceramic band heaters with 4 controllable heating zones. Each heater is handcrafted in-house to ensure top-of-the-line quality. Giving you complete control over the extrusion process. In addition, all machines have hoppers with close-able caps to prevent material contamination to further improve filament quality.

Upgraded Software

In addition to their enhanced design and build, our new-generation filament makers have upgraded software, improving their thermal stability by up to 35%.

Staying in The Loop

We’re also in the works of developing a web app with cloud access, which will enable active data logging of extrusion tests. But that is a topic for a future post, so stay tuned! In the meantime, learn more about our Precision and Composer series here.