Filament Makers: Your Desktop Filament Maker Solution

Create filament at your desk with 3devo's Filament Maker. Our Composer and Precision Series offer industrial power for easy polymer processing and 3D printing innovation.

Unlocking 3D Printing Potential

Why Choose the Filament Maker by 3devo?

Material Recycling

Transform your plastic waste and failed 3D prints into valuable resources. Our filament maker empowers you to create high-quality filaments right on your desktop.

Innovation and Support

We embody openness, aiding in your innovation journey. As your reliable partner, we unite with your team, leading projects to successful realization.

Research and Development

Boost your material R&D effortlessly and affordably. Start experiments with just 50 grams of polymer, achieving quick results and conserving resources.

Filament Maker Features

Filament Extruders

A Complete Filament Production Line.

Packed into one machine.
 Has everything you need to create your own 3D printing filament – right at your desk.


Display Interface

  • Easily accessible settings
  • Convenient standard material pre-sets
  • Customizable material profiles for perfect results


  • Simple USB connectivity with your computer/laptop
  • Regular firmware updates and instant access to new features


  • Optical sensor to check the material level
  • Removable tube; multiple sizes supported
  • Built-in safety grille


  • 4 heating zones, reaching temperatures up to 450°C
  • Nitride hardened steel extruder screw
  • Swappable extruder design
  • Optional mixing section (Composer Series)
  • Replaceable extruder nozzle


  • Dual fan system for even air distribution
  • Adjustable fan angles for optimal air flow
  • Customizable, material-specific fan speeds

Sensor + Puller System


Optical sensor

  • Accurate diameter measurement between 0.5mm and 3.0mm; 43 micron precision
  • One nozzle for all filament diameters
  • Ideal sensor placement to ensure filament roundness

Puller system

  • Automatic speed adjustment for accurate diameter control
  • Changeable puller wheels to suit material temperature variations


Set your own spool sizes, and with auto spooling let the system to the work. The filament maker will neatly position itself to get a nice-looking spool that won't tangle.


  • Adjustable positioner, with a max spool width of 120mm
  • Automatic spooling to user-defined size
  • Retractable arm for neat, even winding of all spool sizes


  • Fit spools with a max Diameter: of 240mm, And a max width of: 120mm
  • User-friendly slipper clutch for spool tension adjustments
  • Swappable spool mount for quick changing between spools

Durable and Versatile

Hardened for Durability

The extruder screw in the Composer is machined for mixing. Its nitride-hardened interior ensures industrial-grade filament extrusion.

Extruder Mixing Zone

Enables you to blend different additives, plastics, fibers or powders
to create custom filaments.

Extruder precision screw

Easy, Accessible and

The unique vertical extrusion setup in the filament makers ensures precise roundness and accurately guides the filament to the spool.

A dual air cooling system, with adjustable fan speeds and positions, ensures optimal cooling settings for the materials you work with.

A sophisticated optical sensor and a dynamic puller system work together to achieve a diameter precision tolerance of +/- 0.05mm*.

*(to get the exact diameter tolerance tuning might be needed depending on material type)

A look inside the Filament extruder producing filament

User-friendly and easy to control

An embedded OLED display and a single rotate-and-push control button provide easy access to all features and functionalities of the filament makers.

Connect your filament maker to your computer via USB to receive the latest firmware and feature.


Unlimited filament, neatly spooled

Thanks to its swappable spool mount, the filament makers support diverse spool sizes and quick spool changes.

Set your custom spool dimensions to get a neatly rolled spool of filament.

Adjust the built-in slipper clutch to get the right amount of tension in your filament spool.

Filament spool

Building 3D printing materials
with our filament makers

Take your 3D Printing to another level.

Get your own Filament Makers

Crafted with precision, our filament maker kit allows you to produce your own high-quality filament at home. Investing in a filament maker kit today enhances your creativity and saves on materials.

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