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Custom Filament Solutions for every need

Create, experiment, and test without limits. Our Filament Makers are designed to meet your unique requirements. Transform your ideas into reality by creating custom formulations from your desk. 

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Filament Maker TWO

Experience extrusion power and versatility with the Filament Maker TWO. This advanced filament extruder and research platform allows you to explore new filament materials with increased stability, precision, and ease of use. Perfect for research, prototyping, recycling and material development, it features high motor torque, optimized heating, and advanced sensors for top-quality results.

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Filament Maker ONE

The power of the Filament Maker ONE lies in its precision and versatility. Explore high-temperature capacity, precise diameter control, and advanced material mixing, making it ideal for diverse 3D printing applications. Its durable extruder screw and multi-zone heating ensure consistent, high-quality filament production.

Explore Filament Maker ONE
Filament Makers ONE

Rent or Buy the filament makers?

A pricing plan for every application

Create Filament from 300+ Materials

Our state-of-the-art Filament Makers can extrude various materials, plastics, additives, and more to meet all your 3D printing requirements.

Common waste to recycle


Engineering polymers


High performance polymers


Additives and composites

Carbon fiber
Ceramic powder
Chemical additives
Metal powder
Glass fiber
Blends of polymers

Real-Life material experimentation highlights

Take a look at what some of the leading research institutions and universities are achieving with our filament makers by experimenting with various composites and material blends.


Limitless Material Composites at your fingertips

Our Filament Makers, equipped with advanced extrusion technology, empower you to effortlessly craft unique material composites. Tailor strength, flexibility, or heat resistance to meet your project's needs, unlocking innovation and elevating your 3D printing with customized filaments.

Stacked Filament
Discover the Possibilities with

Our Filament Makers

Experiment with unlimited material composites using our Filament Extruders. Here are some examples of unique filament that has been successfully extruded by our clients.


Carbon Fiber Reinforced Filament

Enhance the strength and rigidity of your 3D printed parts by combining PLA with carbon fibers. This composite material is perfect for creating lightweight yet robust components.

SLS Powder Filament

Reprocess wasted SLS powder into high-quality filament for FDM printing. This cost-effective approach enables endless possibilities for recycling and material reuse.

Plastic Waste Filament

Collect plastic waste from tourist attractions and water-based heritage sites in Vietnam to create filament. Transforming bottle waste into usable filament supports recycling and sustainability

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Filament

Enhance the strength and rigidity of your 3D printed parts by combining PLA with carbon fibers. This composite material is perfect for creating lightweight yet robust components.

Organic Filament Blends

Clients mix coffee grounds and wood fibers with standard filaments, adding unique aesthetics and contributing to sustainability. Reusing coffee grounds supports eco-friendly practices.

Filament for Biomedical applications

Suitable for soft tissue regeneration, bone tissue engineering, personalized medicine, and pharmaceutical drug development.

Compare Filament Makers

Compare Filament Makers
Filament Maker TWO
Filament Maker Composer comptab-infoalt7-icon
Filament Maker Precision comptab-infoalt7-icon
Midnight Blue
7" LCD Touchscreen
OLED display and a single rotate-and-push control button
OLED display and a single rotate-and-push control button
Integrated Feet comptab-infoalt7-icon
Extruder Motor
Stepper motor comptab-infoalt7-icon
DC motor comptab-infoalt7-icon
DC motor comptab-infoalt7-icon
Hopper Cooling System
Insulation Material comptab-infoalt7-icon
Removable insulation with Velcro
Fiberglass insulation with zip ties
Fiberglass insulation with zip ties
Sensor Dimensions
3 axis comptab-infoalt7-icon
1 axis comptab-infoalt7-icon
1 axis comptab-infoalt7-icon

Extruder Screws

Unleash material mastery with our new Filament Maker TWO Extrusion Screws
Fusion Screw
Mixing Screw
The mixing screw in both the Filament Maker ONE and Filament Maker TWO is your key to innovation in filament design, enabling the seamless blending of various additives, plastics, fibers, or powders into your base plastic. This creates unique, bespoke filaments. Ideal for research and development purposes, it empowers you to push the boundaries of 3D printing materials further.
HighFlow Screw
Precision Screw
The precision screw in both the Filament Maker ONE and Filament Maker TWO is optimized for single-material precision, perfect for quality assurance and high-throughput filament production. If you're using pre-compounded materials, these screws facilitate a higher output rate, ensuring consistent, high-quality filament. Ideal for streamlined operations and efficiency in material testing.
Curious About

Your Material's Extrudability?

Schedule a Melt Flow Index Test for €50 to discover the potential of your polymers.


Explore MFI Test

Filament Maker TWO
Filament Maker ONE

In addition to the specifications, our latest filament maker features improvements that enhance production quality, user experience, and efficiency.
Dive deeper into the specifics:

Intuitive Operation and Maintenance

  • User-Friendly Design: Intuitive process for easy operation and
    simplified spooling.
  • Modular Components: Quick-release parts for hassle-free cleaning
    and maintenance.
  • Enhanced Insulation: Removable insulation with Velcro.
  • Optimized Cooling: A controlled hopper cooler ensures stable
    extrusion temperatures.
  • Precision Monitoring: In-built temperature monitoring for
    consistent output.
  • Efficient Spooling System: Features a Tensioner Arm Swing for
    perfect winding.
Screw removal Filament Maker TWO

Precision Spooling with Enhanced Flexibility

  • Swappable Spool Mount: Easily switch between spool sizes for maximum flexibility, accommodating a broader range of spool dimensions.
  • Customizable Spool Parameters: Set specific spool dimensions directly on the device to achieve perfectly sized and neatly wound filament spools every time.
  • Automated Tension Control: The new tensioner arm automatically adjusts the tension, ensuring consistent winding without manual intervention.
  • Increased Spooling Area: Expanded room for spooling allows the use of larger spools, broadening your capacity for uninterrupted filament production.
Screw removal Filament Maker TWO

User-friendly and easy to control

Experience user-friendly control with the new Filament Maker TWO series. Unlike previous models with an OLED display and a single control button, the newest models feature an embedded 7" LCD touchscreen for effortless access to all filament maker functions.

Connect the Filament Maker to your computer via USB to receive more data during your experiment and keep your machine updated with the newest firmware.

Screw removal Filament Maker TWO

Advanced New Sensor

  • Advanced vision-based diameter sensing
  • Camera-assisted filament calibration
  • Real-time visual diameter inspection
  • Enhanced accuracy with 3-axis design
  • Improved optics reduce interference from ambient light

This compact, intelligent sensor system is designed for the highest standards in filament quality, perfect for innovators in technical and educational fields.

Filament Maker TWO Sensor

Create your own 3D printing materials
with our Filament Extruders

Filament Extruders for Advanced Applications

Recycle Plastic waste

Give your plastic waste a second life by recycling bottles, 3d prints and more into filament. Embrace sustainability with our Filament Extruders by 3D printing with recycled filament.

Research and Development

Create innovative filament composites with our Filament Makers. Blend various plastics, incorporate additives like nanodiamonds or ceramics, add colorants, and more. Enjoy the freedom to experiment and customize filaments to suit your specific applications.

Prototype with Precision

Stay ahead in 3D printing with our advanced Filament Makers. Rapidly prototype and validate new materials into viable filaments with precision and flexibility. Ensure project success with 3devo's cutting-edge technology.

Hands-on Learning for Students and Researchers

Transform educational experiences with our Filament Makers. Students and researchers can engage directly with the process of creating custom filaments, exploring material properties, and recycling plastic waste. This hands-on approach not only enhances learning but also fosters innovation and sustainability within academic settings.

How 3devo Helps Educators

Industrial Prototyping

Optimize industrial prototyping with our Filament Makers ONE and TWO. These machines allow for rapid iteration and small batch production, enabling quick testing and validation of new designs. Industries can efficiently assess materials and designs, reducing both time and cost compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

How 3devo Helps Industrial Engineers
Industrial Engineer

Sustainable Manufacturing

Promote sustainability in manufacturing by recycling plastic waste into new filaments using our Filament Makers. This process reduces environmental impact and supports a circular economy by reusing materials and minimizing waste.

Discover Our Approach
Sustainable - Recycling Plastic Waste

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Evaluate your project's potential effortlessly with our complimentary project builder.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Filament Maker TWO and how does it differ from previous models?

The Filament Maker TWO is our latest innovation in filament extrusion technology, offering enhanced features and performance compared to our previous models, the Composer and Precision. For a detailed comparison, visit our machine comparison page.

When will the new Filament Maker TWO be available for shipment?

The first batch of the new Filament Maker TWO is set to be shipped out around Q4 of 2024. To find out your shipping date, please contact our sales team through the form here. You can pre-order it now to be among the first to experience its advanced capabilities. If you need a filament extruder sooner, consider our currently available models, the Composer and Precision, which are also highly effective but with different features.

Can I recycle plastic waste or 3D prints using the Filament Maker?

Absolutely! Our Filament Makers and GP20 Shredder & Granulator are designed to transform plastic waste into high-quality 3D printing filament, supporting both environmental sustainability and innovation in material usage.

What support does 3devo offer for setting up and using the Filament Maker?

At 3devo, we pride ourselves on not being a hardware provider; we are a dedicated partner in your innovation journey. With our  new approach, we offer a solution, not our products. Our support extends beyond the initial setup of the Filament Maker.

We offer comprehensive consulting, from project ideation to successful implementation, ensuring you get the most out of your Filament Maker. This program is designed to assist you at every step of your project, aligning with our core values of openness, devotion, courage, and impact. For more information on how we can support your projects, visit here. Additionally, our support platform and FAQ page are readily available to provide immediate assistance and answer any queries you may have.

How does the Filament Maker contribute to 3D printing innovation?

The Filament Maker is a compact solution that allows for experimentation and development of new 3D-printing materials. It's an essential tool for educational institutions, technical departments, and research labs looking to push the boundaries of 3D printing technology. Learn more about its impact in our blog post.

Need a starting point?

We provide material analysis, tailored workshops and dedicated support to guide you to success.