Airid Polymer Dryer

The Streamlined Plastic Dryer

The Airid Polymer Dryer is designed to eliminate any moisture complication that may occur within a polymer. Within the dryer, the stirring rotator guarantees evenly dried materials across all surface areas.

Polymer Dryer


Moisture can make it nearly impossible to produce quality 3D printing filament. By drying granulates prior to producing filament, this process can enhance the performance characteristics of the filament produced.

Our dryer has been designed to remove surface moisture from most resins. The drying capacity for resins include PE, PS, PP, PET, PEI and Nylon along with many others. 

Eliminate Moisture and Increase Material Quality

Prevent Cosmetic Issues

Moisture content is the most common reason why filament contains bubbles or holes. Moisture may cause surface splay throughout extruded parts.

Counteract Hydrolysis

Polymers containing moisture may initiate a chemical reaction inside the extruder. Ultimately, changing the physical properties and altering the extrusion settings for specific materials.

Avoid Inadequate Filament

When moisture is properly removed from the polymer, it results in higher-quality filament. Leading to stronger prints with structural precision.


Easy to Control

The AIRID Polymer Dryer is equipped with an embedded OLED display and a single rotate-and-push control button. This provides easy access to all dryer presets and customized requirements for specific temperatures and durational periods


Portable and Agile

With our removable-hopper design, we make it easy to easily transfer dried materials – streamlining your whole extrusion process. Keeping your process up to speed, without any down time or repetitive processes.


Self-sufficient Mixing

The integrated mixing device allows for air to be uniformly distributed throughout the resin, preventing clumps and melted clusters.


Initiate Complex Projects

Work on small-scale material experiments and production without relying on outside sources or massive industrial dryers.


Why is the Airid Dryer being discontinued?

At 3devo, we strive to feel aligned with our core mission at every level. At this stage in our company journey, we believe that our resource and energy allocation can better serve other aspects of our offering, such as the continued development of our Filament Maker 2 and our revised focus to project partnership.  

Until when is the Airid Dryer available?
On 1st February, we have closed availability of the Airid Dryer. We have an extremely limited stock, so we encourage interested customers to place their orders as soon as possible.  
How will this affect existing customers who use the Airid Dryer?

For our valued customers using the Airid Dryer, we’ve got you covered. Our support platform is updated with all the details you need about warranties and service support. We're committed to ensuring a smooth experience for you even beyond the product’s lifecycle. 

Can I still get spare parts for the Airid Dryer after its discontinuation?

The end of service date is February 1st, 2026. After the end of service date, spare parts availability may be limited, but we continue to support your machine wherever possible. 

Will there be a replacement or alternative product offered?

Currently, we do not have a direct replacement for the Airid Dryer. However, we are always innovating and may introduce new solutions in the future. We invite our customers to stay tuned for updates on our product developments 

I need a dryer to complete my filament-making set-up; where does 3devo recommend I source an alternative dryer from? 
We understand the importance of having a reliable dryer in your filament-making process. While we will no longer be offering the Airid Dryer, we have put together a list of recommended alternatives in our recent blogpost. These alternatives have been selected based on their compatibility with our filament-making systems and their proven effectiveness in the industry.