Filament Maker ONE

The Filament Maker ONE, an earlier yet reliable model, offers precision extrusion and material versatility for 3D printing pioneers.

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Filament Maker ONE Features

Filament Maker ONE Models

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Intuitive Control Pannel

  • Streamlined Interface: Navigate with ease through an OLED display and a simple rotate-and-push button.
  • Quick-Set Profiles: Jumpstart your projects with standard material presets (PLA, ABS, PA12, PC, PEEK, and PS) or tailor custom profiles for unparalleled results.



Robust and Advanced Components

  • Industrial-Grade Extruder Screw: Nitride-hardened for durability, with a mixing capability for homogeneous filament blends.
  • Versatile Extruder Mixing Zone: Experiment with various additives, plastics, fibers, or powders to create custom filaments tailored to your needs.
  • Smart Material Handling: Includes an optical hopper sensor for material level monitoring.



Precision and Quality

  • Vertical Extrusion: Guarantees precise filament roundness and direct spooling, enhancing the quality of your 3D prints.
  • Cutting-Edge Cooling and Spooling: Enhanced by a balanced dual fan system for even cooling and a precision spooling setup with an adjustable positioner and automatic spooling function

Advanced Optical Sensor and Puller

  • Unparalleled Accuracy: The optical sensor measures filament diameter with 43-micron precision.
  • Adaptive Puller System: Adjusts speed for consistent diameter control, with interchangeable wheels for various temperatures.
Filament Sensor

Efficient Spooling Mechanism

  • Adaptable Spool Mount: Supports various spool sizes for flexibility in filament production.
  • Customizable Spooling: Set specific dimensions for perfectly wound spools, while the built-in slipper clutch adjusts tension for smooth operation.
  • Precision Spooling: Ensures tidy, tangle-free spools, supporting up to 240mm diameter and 120mm width.
Winder and Spool
Filament Maker TWO Fusion
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Filament Maker ONE FAQs

What options do I have for integrating the Filament Maker ONE into my project?

We offer a step-by-step approach to ensure you have the right equipment and knowledge for your project. Starting with a Free Consultation Call, our Material Specialists will begin to understand your requirements and discuss if any validation services are needed. 

Take a look at our Pricing Page to find out more information or contact us directly.

Can I test my materials before fully committing to the Filament Maker ONE?

Yes, through our optional Validation Services (from 200€), we offer a range of assessments to test the suitability of your materials for extrusion, providing a risk-free way to ensure compatibility with the Filament Maker One.

Take a look at our Pricing Page to find out more information, or contact us directly.

Can the Filament Maker ONE handle high-temperature materials?

Yes, the Composer and Precision series can reach temperatures up to 450°C, accommodating high-temperature materials like PEEK and PEI in the 450 models.

The Filament Maker One is designed for R&D experimentation and can process a wide variety of materials, from everyday commodity polymers to advanced and high-performance polymers. This versatility makes it an ideal tool for exploring new applications in 3D printing.

With its adjustable settings for temperature, speed, and cooling, along with the ability to mix different additives and polymers, the Filament Maker provides a flexible platform for developing custom filament recipes tailored to specific R&D needs.

Visit our Materials Page to find what materials we have tested with and you can work with as well.

How do I ensure safe operation of the Filament Maker ONE?

Place the machine on a stable surface, use it in a well-ventilated area, and avoid touching hot parts. Always wear protective gear, and ensure the machine is used by individuals over 18 years of age.

Be aware of the potential release of VOCs when processing certain materials, and use the machine in a space with adequate air changes or under a fume hood. Always consult the Material Safety Data Sheets for the materials you're using.

For more detailed safety guidelines and best practices, visit our support platform at 3devo Support.


What information can I find on the screen of the Filament Maker ONE?

The Status Screen displays key information about the extrusion process, including hopper status, current and set temperatures, material type, extruder status, extrusion speed in RPM, and average filament thickness.

The Main Menu offers additional options during extrusion, allowing you to stop extruding, modify settings, and adjust the puller speed for optimal filament diameter control.

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