A complete filament production line packed into one machine

Unlock Innovation and Creativity Through Filament Extrusion


Research and Development

Hold the power to develop in-house without relying on outside sources


Gain the freedom to create optimized material solutions at any given moment

Mass Production

Reduce production lead times and take over long-term development goals

A powerful compounding tool

Designed for mixing


3devo Filament Makers allow innovators to develop custom filament from a wide variety of polymers and additives – evenly mixing and compounding your materials.




A tool to enhance material development

Designed for production

Create filament at your convenience at high speeds while maintaining filament quality and precise diameters – hold the power to your production schedule.




Custom filament at rapid speeds

The world’s fastest and most compact all-in-one desktop filament extruder. Our filament makers allow additive manufacturing to become a self-sufficient process when fully developed, opening up a whole world of possibilities for customized filament. This ensures on-demand production and better performing, more efficient filament for 3D printed components.

There are some key benefits of using a filament extrusion machine including:

Create higher quality filament
Improved set-up, processing, and clean-up time
Experiment efficiently
Quickly and easily find material settings
Complete filament production line packed into one machine

Our Filament Makers are trusted by businesses around the globe

Closing the loop in 3D printing

Discover our streamlined ecosystem that delivers an industrial process to the convenience of your workspace. With our user-friendly products, we give you the control to create filament tailored to your specific material needs.

Delivering a smart, cost-effective and adaptive closed-loop production facility — The complete filament making solution.

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Reduce filament costs up to 10 fold


Produce filament at rapid speeds


Before you start extruding

Free Filament Sample

Request your desired filament sample extruded by our filament makers. Analyze the quality and test it with your 3D printer.

Material Tests

We can examine your custom materials before your purchase to see whether it is processable by our filament makers.

Enhance your extrusion experience

Chat with an extrusion expert

Let’s Talk Extrusion & Materials

Do you want to discuss your unique application? Ask one of our extrusion experts today.