Extrusion in Polymers

Endless Customization

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When your polymers manufacturing business seeks flexibility and convenience, choose desktop filament extrusion. Rapid prototypes? Shrink your lead times and reduce your R&D costs. Overwhelm your competition, while improving customer satisfaction in the process.

Polymers Industry

Benefits of Extrusion

Reduce Costs & Save Time

Compact desktop filament extruders deliver flexibility and convenience in extrusion—reducing lead times while cutting costs.

Convert Waste into Resources

Reusing and repurposing plastic waste is an ideal way to cut down on the amount of garbage you put in your landfill, while you are saving on materials.

Infinite Testing & Prototyping

Infinite testing and prototyping allows you to collect maximum insights from minimum resources.


Why choose 3devo in Polymers?

Customer Stories

Get Inspired

Make stronger, more flexible, less expensive materials for use in a multitude of applications. Learn how some of the biggest manufacturing companies are now incorporating filament extrusion into their production processes.

Audi Case Study
How Audi repurposed the excess amounts of plastic packaging, using 3devo's sustainable ecosystem, into 3D printed tools that assist their employees in their day-to-day tasks.
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Sika Case Study
Sika Automotive is raising the bar for vehicle body-in-white component design. The Composer 350 Filament Maker is helping them design state-of-the-art acoustic parts through an efficient, innovation-oriented, in-house process.
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Become a New-Age Material Developer

Our filament makers enable you to quickly respond to challenging customer requirements. Create custom polymers with advanced application-specific properties. Finding optimal solutions has never been this quick, customized, or cost-effective.