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Introducing the Filament Maker TWO: Filament Extrusion Redefined

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Welcome to the cutting-edge of 3D printing innovation—meet the Filament Maker TWO, the latest masterpiece from the 3devo family. Designed to revolutionize how we think about and produce 3D printing filaments, the Filament Maker TWO isn't just an upgrade; it's a leap into the future of FDM technology. Here's why the excitement is through the roof!

How the Idea Started

You know how sometimes the best ideas come up when you’re just chatting and sharing experiences? Well, that's exactly what happened with our new project. Right after a fair, full of engaging talks with people who use our products, the idea just clicked.

Our journey with the original Filament Maker taught us much about the dreams and challenges innovators face in 3D printing. After seven years of success, we started to hear the voice of progress from the trenches - our core clients and industry partners were reaching the limits of what the first model could achieve. This wasn't just feedback; it was a clarion call for evolution. With our commitment to empower and propel 3D printing innovations, the development of the Filament Maker TWO became inevitable. The inspiration was clear: our clients' desire to push beyond current boundaries and unlock new possibilities in material science.

We heard what you all were saying: you wanted more from your tools. So, we took that feedback seriously and got to work. We wanted to make something that not only hits the mark for what you need right now but also paves the way for what you’ll want down the road.

Enter the development of our latest addition to the family - The Filament Maker TWO. It’s more than just an upgraded machine; it’s a leap forward in technology, built to make things easier, more efficient, and a lot more fun for anyone who loves to create with 3D printing.

Client-Driven Features and Improvements

The Filament Maker TWO's blueprint is drawn from the rich tapestry of user experiences. The detailed feedback translated into significant enhancements, like advanced sensor technology, which provides more precision and control in the filament-making process. We didn't stop at technical upgrades; we knew that a smooth user experience is critical for creativity to flow uninterrupted. So, we've refined the user interface and eliminated quirks like unexpected machine resets during data logging. Each feature is a response to real needs, ensuring our clients can reach new heights in their innovative pursuits.

Understanding the Filament Maker TWO Fusion and Highflow Models

The Filament Maker TWO Fusion is the go-to choice for innovators in the 3D printing sphere who are eager to pioneer new materials. Designed for advanced compounding, it appeals to those looking to experiment with novel material mixes or to integrate additives directly into polymers. While the Fusion model doesn't compete with industrial twin-screw extruders, it offers a nimble and cost-effective alternative to traditional pre-compounding processes, significantly accelerating the pace of material innovation.

On the flip side, the Filament Maker TWO Highflow is engineered for those who prioritize the throughput of filament production. It's best suited for users who work with a single type of material or pre-compounded substances and are focused on the consistent quality and enhanced stability of the filaments. With its high-flow screw, this model facilitates a greater output rate, making it ideal for operations that demand higher volume production without sacrificing filament integrity. Both models serve as powerful tools in their niches—whether you're pushing the boundaries of material science or scaling up your production while maintaining high-quality standards.

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A Splash of Color in the 3D Printing World

Now, onto a more personal note: why blue and silver for the Filmmaker TWO Fusion and HighFlow?

The blue is more than a colors; it's a statement. It reflects our identity and our ambition to be as synonymous with blue as Ferrari is with red. This color choice embodies our engagement in design and our hope that it becomes a recognized element of our brand identity.

In harmony with the signature blue that reflects our core identity, we chose to introduce an additional color variant: silver. This choice was deliberate, echoing our commitment to design and aesthetics. Silver, much like blue, is not merely a color—it's a deliberate complement that enhances the visual appeal and cements our brand's presence. Together, blue and silver represent a fusion of innovation and style, a testament to our ambition to marry functionality with design. As we aim for the blue of our machines to be as iconic as Ferrari's red, the addition of silver aims to underscore our ingenuity, creating a dual legacy in both performance and appearance that stands out in the landscape of 3D printing technology.


Features: A Closer Look at the Advanced Capabilities

The Filament Maker TWO packs a punch with features that cater to the very core of filament making:

  • Advanced-Data Monitoring: With precision sensors and tailored visualizations, expect data-driven results that enhance research quality.
  • Control Mastery: The extrusion process is under your command with a more potent extruder, hardware stability, and an accessible interface.
  • Room for Creativity: A user-friendly design with minimal downtime promotes innovation through experimentation.

Advanced-Data Monitoring: Data at Your Fingertips

Data is invaluable in material development, and the Filament Maker TWO's enhanced data monitoring is a testament to this belief. With an array of advanced sensors and customized visualizations, the machine offers insights with unprecedented precision. Researchers can collect more data elements with improved accuracy, fostering an environment where innovation is not just possible but is expected to flourish. The three-axis high-speed camera system for filament sensing is particularly notable, as it ensures meticulous monitoring of the filament diameter and roundness, providing a depth of detail that pushes the boundaries of research quality.

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Control Mastery: Steering the Extrusion Journey

The mastery of the extrusion process rests comfortably in your hands with the Filament Maker TWO. A more robust extruder and reinforced hardware guarantee stability like never before, coupled with an intuitive touchscreen interface that puts control at your fingertips. The motor and gearbox combination has been upgraded for a more stable drive, and RPM fluctuations are minimized virtually eliminated, ensuring consistent quality. A longer screw enhances the melting and mixing capabilities, and improvements to the puller and winder system provide fine control over filament tensioning and spooling, leading to superior filament quality.



Room for Creativity: Minimized Downtime, Maximized Innovation

Innovation often involves a trial-and-error approach, and the FIlament Maker TWO is designed to support this creative journey. The user-friendly design reduces downtime significantly, allowing for quick recovery from mistakes. Components such as the nozzle, die-head, insulation sleeve, machine housing, and screw are all easily removable, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze and fostering an environment ripe for experimentation. This encourages users to push boundaries without the fear of long pauses or cumbersome machine upkeep.

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Future-Proof Technology: An Investment that Grows with You

The Filament Maker TWO is not just a machine for today but a companion for the future. Its hardware is built to accommodate more than what's currently required, setting the stage for continuous improvements through feature updates. The scalable electronics mean that the Filametn Maker TWO is a filament extruding ecosystem designed to evolve, ensuring it will remain at the cutting edge for years to come. Features like contamination detection in the filament are among the advanced updates to look forward to, reinforcing our commitment to continuous innovation and adding value for our customers over time.

New Optical Sensor

The Filament Maker TWO ushers in a revolutionary advancement in filament production accuracy with its state-of-the-art Optical Sensor. Boasting a leap in precision, this sensor is five times more accurate than its predecessors, thanks to enhanced dimensionality and a robust 3-axis design. Capable of scanning at a rate of 25 times per second, the sensor meticulously assesses the filament's roundness, ensuring that each measurement is not only rapid but also exceptionally precise. The improved optics are specifically engineered to reduce interference from ambient light, allowing for uninterrupted data integrity. This heightened level of accuracy ensures that the puller speed is adjusted only when necessary, preventing over-correction for minor anomalies that do not affect the filament's printability. With this enhanced sensor, the Filament Maker TWO promises increased reliability, giving users the confidence that they will consistently achieve the highest quality of printable filament.



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Detailed Feature Insights

Enhanced Specific Features for Experimentation and Innovation:

  1. The easily removable nozzle and die-head facilitate thorough cleaning and swift changes in the configuration.
  2. An insulation sleeve around the extruder and heaters can be easily replaced or opened, minimizing maintenance efforts.
  3. The machine's panels are designed for easy removal, ensuring stability even during maintenance tasks.
  4. A longer cooling path and a cooled hopper with temperature monitoring enable precise control over material handling, vital for experimenting with challenging materials.

Superior Extrusion Process Control:

  1. Touchscreen UI brings seamless machine control, streamlining the entire extrusion process.
  2. Rapid heating and stabilization of temperatures through powerful heaters enhance efficiency.
  3. A lengthier extruder screw improves melting, pressure, and mixing capabilities, empowering the creation of complex materials.
  4. Enhanced clamping tension control in the puller prevents filament deformation, ensuring perfect roundness.

The Filament Maker TWO's Role in Educational and Research Settings

In the landscape of academia and institutional research, the Filament Maker TWO stands as a valuable tool. It invites PhD researchers, students, and educators to transform theoretical material concepts into tangible innovations. The Filament Maker TWO can support a variety of projects, from exploring novel biomaterials to optimizing sustainable manufacturing practices. It's not just a machine; it's a catalyst for discovery, providing a practical platform for pushing the frontiers of knowledge and driving the 3D printing industry into the future.

Sustainability and Waste Reduction with Filament Maker TWO

In an era where sustainability is not just valued but vital, the Filament Maker TWO rises to the occasion. By transforming plastic waste into viable 3D printing filament, it becomes an instrument of the circular economy. It's about giving materials a second life, reducing waste, and inspiring our clients to integrate eco-consciousness into their workflow. With Filament Maker TWO, sustainability becomes an integral part of innovation, allowing creators to leave a positive footprint on the planet while they shape the world with their ideas.

Evolution of Innovation: The Next Leap with Filament Maker TWO

Building on the solid foundation laid by the Composer and Precision series, the Filament Maker TWO is not merely an incremental update; it's a leap into the future of desktop filament extrusion. As we move beyond the benchmarks set by its predecessors, the Filament Maker TWO introduces a host of enhancements and new features that redefine what's possible in desktop filament creation.

As we usher in the new era with the Filament Maker TWO, we're not just observing the evolution of innovation; we're actively shaping it. This machine isn't just about matching the capabilities of a professional setup; it's about compacting those capabilities into a form factor that sits comfortably on your desktop. The Filament Maker TWO is your personal filament factory, empowering you to push boundaries, innovate, and create with confidence and precision.



The Philosophy Behind Our Approach

We're not just here to sell you a machine. We're here to guide you through uncharted project territories. By understanding and mapping out your needs, we ensure that you won't face those 'oh no' moments when it's too late. When you win, we win – it's as simple as that.

Our commitment to partnership means we're always learning from our customers, which in turn fuels our product development and process enhancements. After all, if it's not working for you, it's not working for us.

Launching into a New Era

With pre-orders flying since September 2023 and a grand showcase at Formnext in Frankfurt, in November 2023, the anticipation is tangible. The first batch is set to ship in May 2024, so the countdown has begun! The majority of orders will be shipping out Q3-Q4 of 2024. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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