Melt Flow Index (MFI) test

Get insights in the conditions and specifications of your polymers with our MFI report. With our in-house research lab we analyze the material viscosities and batch-to-batch consistency.


Advantages of MFI testing

Enhanced Quality Control:
For just €200, MFI testing offers insight into a polymer's flow attributes, ensuring adherence to quality benchmarks. This thorough understanding enables the formulation of materials with verified quality, reliability and performance in your 3D printing journey.

Streamlined Process Enhancement:
Leveraging insights from MFI tests, you can fine-tune extrusion parameters like temperature, pressure, and speed, optimizing filament production for superior print precision. By harnessing the distinct flow characteristics revealed through MFI testing, you can select materials tailored to precise application requirements, ensuring efficient results.

Fueling Innovation in Material Development
MFI testing accelerates material innovation by swiftly evaluating formulation adjustments' impact on flow properties, fostering experimentation and driving the creation of next-gen materials aligned with evolving industry needs.

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MFI Testing: A key validation step for novel filament extrusion

Read a detailed article about the process and importance of MFI testing, with insights from a member of our Materials Specialist team.

The MFI analysis report

During the Validation Phase, we dedicate time to discussing your materials. The MFI test serves as one of the initial steps in comprehending your materials. Once you've chosen the material, you send a sample to our research lab. Following thorough analysis, our experts translate the findings into a comprehensive report for a fee of €200. This report serves as the foundation for discussing your next steps, with our guidance provided at each stage of the process.

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Melt Flow Index FAQs

Why is MFI testing important?

MFI testing is extremely useful for assessing material consistency and quality, optimizing extrusion parameters for precise filament production, and selecting tailored materials for optimal results. It offers valuable insights for assessing project feasibility, ensuring compatibility with our filament extrusion process through a low-risk investment.

Why do you offer an MFI analysis?

MFI testing is more than just a procedural step; it stands as a strategic tool elevating our service standards, aiding precise, expert handling of each project for success. It epitomizes our dedication to innovation and quality, reinforcing the trust and reliability we aim to establish with every customer.

Can I do the MFI analysis myself?

Our MFI instrument is called the Zwick Roell C Flow and it’s a compact, impressive, but also costly device. By allowing us to conduct the analysis, you won't need to purchase a device, yet you'll also gain immediate access to the most up-to-date knowledge in this field.

How long does the research take?

The duration varies depending on several factors. Initially, we need to engage in discussions regarding your materials and receive a sample. Our expert conducts the tests using our in-house MFI equipment within a day and then proceeds to compile the report.

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