Selecting the most effective materials for your applications

Pyramid of Polymers

Polymer extrusion is found in a broad range of industries and in functional prototyping. Since every application requires a unique material characteristic such as temperature, strength, cost and more — By selecting a material that fits your needs, it will lead to shorter lead times, decrease structural problems, improve manufacturability, and add value to your discoveries.



Commodity Polymers

Low temperatures, low strength,  low moisture absorption, and low costs.

PLA Property Guide

ABS Property Guide

PETG Property Guide

More commodity polymer guides to come; Including PP, PS, PE(HD/LD), and PET


Engineering Polymers

Engineering polymers have an extremely broad range of specific applications, which can require high flexibility, mechanical strength, chemical stability, and wear endurance. 

PA6 Property Guide

TPU Property Guide

More engineering polymer guides to come; Including PC, POM, and TPE


High-Performance Polymers

High-performance polymers have exceptional chemical resistance, thermal stability, and outstanding mechanical properties.

PEEK Property Guide

More high-performance polymer guides to come; Including PPS, PEKK, PEI, and PPSU

The Full Package

To get a full view of the polymer possibilities download the complete set. Compare the pros and cons of each material to find the one that suits your application.


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