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Challenges & Solutions

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Machine Downtime

Pain Point: Downtime delays research progress and wastes valuable resources.

3devo's Solution: Our industrial-quality machines such as the Filament Makers and GP20 Plastic Shredder are supported by robust after-sales support for spare parts and consumables, minimizing costly downtime. 

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Material Compatibility & Validation

Pain Point: Wasting time and resources on non-compatible materials.

3devo's Solution: With our validation services, extensive materials database, and expert support, finding the right fit for your projects is streamlined, eliminating the risk of failure.
Our Success Subscription also provides ongoing support at every stage of your project. 

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Autonomy and Project Ownership

Pain Point: The complexity of introducing new machines to students or technicians

3devo's Solution: Our comprehensive onboarding, support platforms, and safety certifications ensure autonomy from the start. We encourage you and your students/technicians to use the machine as a research tool.

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Institutional Bureaucracy

Pain Point: Grant-funded projects can be complicated to navigate.

3devo's Solution: Drawing from our experience with universities and research labs, we offer a flexible business model with adaptable payment and purchasing methods to navigate institutional bureaucracy.

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Engineering polymers


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Ceramic powder
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Glass Fiber
Blends of polymers

Stories like Yours

“All-in-All, the extruder is a cost-saving alternative for our 3D printing needs, as it cuts out expensive purchases and deliveries of ready-made filament.”
Svein A. Hjelmtveit aitiip
Svein A. Hjelmtveit
Laboratory Manager, Fieldmade
“Navigating the menu was intuitive, and the pre-set list is perfect for the first steps of processing.”
Pere Castell
Nanotechnology Manager, Aitiip 3D
“The machine is perfectly suitable for small batch extrusion in short time-frames, and allows you to immediately proceed with material testing and analysis.”
mathias czasny
Dr. Mathias Czasny
Materials Scientist, TU Berlin
“As of this moment, we are extruding a new type of material weekly.”
Martin Olofsson
Laboratory Engineer, Research Institutes of Sweden
“The Composer 450 is ideal for proceeding with immediate testing and analysis as it requires the minimum amount of input material, unlike the other extruders which require a minimum input of one kilogram.”
Corinne van Noordenne
Researcher and Lecturer, NHL Stenden
“It is a lot more flexible than our big extruder. Quick to use and doesn’t need lots of material. This device allows us to conduct most tests as part of research projects with other companies.”
Kurt van Houtte
Coordinator Fablab, Ghent University

Frequently Asked Questions

How can 3devo equipment enhance learning in educational settings?

3devo's filament makers and plastic shredder are excellent educational tools that enable students to engage directly with the technologies shaping the future of manufacturing and recycling.

By integrating these tools into curriculum, students can witness the transformation of raw and recycled materials into usable 3D printing filament, which can be applied in various design and engineering projects. This hands-on experience supports active learning and helps students understand complex scientific concepts and sustainability practices in a practical setting.

What types of educational programs benefit most from using your machines?

Our machines are ideally suited for educational programs focused on STEM fields such as mechanical engineering, environmental science, industrial design, and applied chemistry. They allow students to experiment with different materials and understand the properties and behaviors of polymers in a real-world setting. Programs that emphasize sustainable technology, recycling, and innovative manufacturing processes will find these tools particularly valuable.

Can 3devo provide training for educators and technicians on how to use the machines?

Absolutely. 3devo offers tailored training sessions that range from basic operations and safety procedures to advanced material science applications. These training sessions can be conducted online or onsite and are designed to empower educators and technicians with the skills needed to utilize our equipment effectively in their teaching and research.

Continuous support and updated training materials are also provided to ensure that users can keep pace with advancements in technology and teaching methodologies.


Are there any safety features built into 3devo machines that make them suitable for use in classrooms or labs?

Yes, our machines are designed with multiple safety features to ensure they are classroom-friendly. Features include protective casings to prevent accidental contact with hot surfaces, automatic shutoff mechanisms in case of malfunctions, and detailed safety instructions. Each unit is rigorously tested to meet high safety standards before it is deployed in an educational setting, ensuring a safe learning environment for all users.

How does 3devo support project-based learning in educational institutions?

3devo actively promotes project-based learning by enabling students to take ownership of their creative and technical projects from conception to realization. Our machines serve as a bridge between theoretical learning and practical application, allowing students to explore innovative solutions to real-world problems, such as creating sustainable materials or custom-engineered parts. This approach not only enhances technical skills but also encourages critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

How can educational institutions justify the investment in 3devo machines?

Investing in 3devo equipment is justifiable on multiple fronts: educational enrichment, cost reduction, and environmental impact. These machines provide students with unique learning opportunities that can significantly enhance their employability and technical skills. Additionally, by recycling waste materials into valuable 3D printing filament, institutions can significantly reduce their materials costs. Moreover, promoting sustainability aligns with global educational goals and can enhance the institution's reputation as a leader in innovative and eco-friendly education.

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