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Converting Waste into a Valuable Resource

Lower Costs, Enhance Efficiency, Promote Sustainability

Improve your company's plastic recycling and waste management with 3devo's scalable and flexible solutions. 

Our Filament Makers and Plastic Shredder turn plastic waste into high-quality 3D printing filament, enhancing the efficiency of your processes, lowering costs, and promoting sustainability.

Industrial Engineers using the Filament Maker TWO
Industrial Engineers extruding Filament
Industrial Engineers checking Filament from Extrusion
Industrial Engineer

Challenges & Solutions

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Maximizing ROI

Pain Point: The risk of wasting time and money on inefficient solutions.

3devo's Solution: Durable, cost-effective machines with renting options minimize financial risk and guarantee ROI.

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Material Compatibility & Validation

Pain Point: Wasting time and resources on non-compatible materials.

3devo's Solution: With our validation services, extensive materials database, and expert support, finding the right fit for your projects is streamlined, eliminating the risk of failure.

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Simplifying Implementation & Maintenance

Pain Point: The complexity of integrating new solutions to your existing processes, and the time required for maintenance.

3devo's Solution: User-friendly machines designed for easy setup and minimal maintenance, ensuring seamless integration and operation.

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Future-Proof & Scalable Solutions

Pain Point: The need for solutions that can adapt and scale with evolving project demands.

3devo's Solution: 3devo's dedication to innovation guarantees that our solutions are designed to meet not only current needs but also future demands. Our adaptable business model allows you to effortlessly expand your operations whenever and for however long you require.

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Talk to Us

Schedule a consultation with one of our customer success agents to discuss your project and receive a complimentary evaluation on the materials and ROI.

Eliminate Risks

Get a validation service and get insights about your materials extrudability and printing quality.

Start your Onboarding

Our team will assist you in getting started quickly and efficiently with our expert onboarding process.

Rent the Equipment

Take your time exploring your project before committing to purchasing the equipment.

Scale Up Easily

Easily increase your capacity as needed, with plans starting at 250€ per month.

Our Process

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Common waste and commodity polymers


Engineering polymers


High performance polymers


Projects Like Yours

“All-in-All, the extruder is a cost-saving alternative for our 3D printing needs, as it cuts out expensive purchases and deliveries of ready-made filament.”
Svein A. Hjelmtveit aitiip
Svein A. Hjelmtveit
Laboratory Manager, Fieldmade
“Navigating the menu was intuitive, and the pre-set list is perfect for the first steps of processing.”
Pere Castell
Nanotechnology Manager, Aitiip 3D
“The machine is perfectly suitable for small batch extrusion in short time-frames, and allows you to immediately proceed with material testing and analysis.”
mathias czasny
Dr. Mathias Czasny
Materials Scientist, TU Berlin
“As of this moment, we are extruding a new type of material weekly.”
Martin Olofsson
Laboratory Engineer, Research Institutes of Sweden
“The Composer 450 is ideal for proceeding with immediate testing and analysis as it requires the minimum amount of input material, unlike the other extruders which require a minimum input of one kilogram.”
Corinne van Noordenne
Researcher and Lecturer, NHL Stenden
“It is a lot more flexible than our big extruder. Quick to use and doesn’t need lots of material. This device allows us to conduct most tests as part of research projects with other companies.”
Kurt van Houtte
Coordinator Fablab, Ghent University


How can 3devo help in maximizing ROI on plastic waste management?

Our Filament Makers and Shredder solutions transform plastic waste into high-quality 3D printing filament. This not only helps in reducing material costs by repurposing waste but also enhances your sustainability profile, potentially leading to tax benefits and improved market positioning.

Are my materials compatible with your machines?

Yes, our equipment is designed to work with a wide range of thermoplastics – from common ones like PLA and ABS to high-performance plastics like PEEK and PEI. We also offer a validation service to test your specific materials for extrudability and printing quality.

What if I'm unsure about the suitability of 3devo's solution for my project?

Schedule a consultation with our customer success team for a complimentary evaluation of your project's materials and ROI. We also offer a two-month trial to test our equipment with your materials. Schedule a call here.


Do I need to set up the machines myself?

No, there's no setup needed on your part. Our expert onboarding process ensures that you can start using the machines immediately after receiving them.

How does 3devo assure future-proof and scalable solutions?

Our solutions are designed to be modular and scalable. You can start with a small setup and easily expand your capacity with our flexible plans, starting at 250€ per month.

What came before the Big Bang?

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Can I purchase your products directly?

Yes, our products are available for purchase. Additionally, we offer the option to rent the equipment so you can explore its capabilities before making a full investment.

What should I do with failed 3D prints and other 3D printing waste?

Our GP20 Shredder can turn failed prints and other waste into granulate, which can then be converted into new filament by our Filament Maker, effectively recycling your 3D printing waste.

Don't let waste go to waste.