Start taking initiative over your recycling projects

Make Your Own Filament Out of Recycled Plastic


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3devo offers a sustainable end-to-end solution to make your own filament

What makes our Filament Makers so special?


Make value out of waste

Our products let you transform unneeded plastic and failed 3D prints into brand new filament

Cost-effective results

Compared to industrial equipment, 3devo significantly lowers your initial setup cost without compromising on quality.

Compact Size

An all-in-one filament maker factory right on your desk.

Pre-step 1

Shred your plastic


When recycling plastics, you’ll need to grind
it down into pellets or reground shards before
properly pe-purposing it.


Meet The GP20 Hybrid Shredder
Pre-step 2

Dry your plastic


Drying your materials is crucial for any hygroscopic polymer,
not just recycled plastics. This process will prevent
any cosmetic and structural problems to the filament.


Meet The Airid Polymer Dryer
Step 1

Melt your plastic


By making your own filament, you hold the power to take initiative over your polymer experiments, while minimizing material waste and shortening lead times.


Meet The Filament Makers
Step 2

Re-print your plastic



It’s that simple to transform old prints into useable filament . Feel great about taking part in incorporating sustainability into 3D printing practices.

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