Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

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What happened to the NEXT filament maker?
Our NEXT filament maker found a variety of applications in industries ranging from education and research to manufacturing and aerospace.  However, we realized that our filament makers could serve these purposes even better – if they focused on specific requirements. The new 3devo Precision and Composer Series filament makers are specialized, result-oriented machines. Each series simplifes the material making process in a different way. Learn more about our Precision and Composer Series.
After receiving my extruder, how do I set it up?

You can check out our unboxing and setup videos on our video tutorial page.

I am having trouble installing the slipper clutch. What do I do?

We have put up a video dedicated to 'installing the slipper clutch' on our video tutorial page.

My puller wheel looks worn out and is no longer functioning properly. What do I do?
It is possible for the puller wheel to show signs of wear after extensive use. When extruding at high temperatures, the puller wheel will wear quicker. This replaceable part can be found in our webshop here. If you need assistance with the replacement feel free to request support.
Why is my menu button not responding properly?
The button is removable, gently remove it, clean the inside of the button, and put it back in place. Still having difficulties? Please contact support.
Should I clean my extruder?
It is important to clean the inside of the barrel to ensure high quality filament. You can purchase purging (cleaning) compounds from our web shop. Need help or have any other questions about cleaning your extruder? Please contact support.
My filament is showing diameter fluctuations. How can I correct this?
Diameter fluctuations can be caused by various factors, such as material settings, environmental conditions, etc.  You can have a look at this article to find your answer.
Why is the measured diameter of the filament different from its actual diameter?
This can be caused by various factors. The most common ones are:
  • Shrinkage. Certain polymers expand upon heating, and this is the size that the extruder’s optical sensor measures. When the filament cools down, it shrinks to its final form. As such, the size you finally measure on the spool could be lower than what is indicated on the display during extrusion. The amount of shrinkage will vary from material to material. The solution is to find out the exact shrinkage for the material you’re using, and manually set the diameter higher in the menu while extruding. This way you’ll be factoring in shrinkage and will get the desired filament diameter.
  • Material on the sensor. Sometimes, residue left on the sensor after extrusion can cause the sensor to measure false values. The solution is to clean the glass with a clean cloth and some water (or any other material-specific cleaning agent). Place the cloth gently between the glass, as shown in this picture:
foto-sensor-wp-300x178 Still, having difficulties? Please contact support.
The nozzle is slowly coming out of the machine. What do I do now?
There are various reasons why the nozzle might come out of the machine. It mainly happens due to overpressure from the material, which tends to occur when materials are extruded at low temperatures. At low temperatures the material can still be somewhat solid, which makes it capable of pushing out the nozzle. Use a higher temperature setting to avoid this. If you need to replace the nozzle, please contact support.
Why is my extruder showing the error ‘Motor/encoder problem?
This can be caused by various factors, such as solid material build-up in the barrel making it impossible for the screw to rotate. To analyze your specific situation we’ll need to take all factors into account. Please contact support.
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