Our flexible pricing model offers you the freedom to buy or rent our Filament Makers and GP20 Plastic Shredder. Choose the option that best fits your needs and discover our pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to buy your products?

Absolutely! Our products are available for purchase at any time, whether you decide to buy them upfront or after renting the machine. You always have the option to buy out the equipment, and you have the freedom to choose whether to continue with the Success Service or not.

We highly suggest beginning your journey with the Success Service option to fully experience the value of our products and services in a low-risk and commitment-free manner.

When you feel ready, you can always choose to purchase the equipment. Our dedicated customer success agents are eager to provide you with all the necessary information.

What's the difference between buying and renting to your equipment?

Buying gives you immediate, unrestricted ownership ideal for long-term use, while subscribing offers flexibility, lower upfront costs, and the option to test our equipment before committing, with the added benefit of upgrading or returning as your project needs to evolve.

Can I switch between buying and renting the equipment?

Absolutely! Our flexible pricing model gives you the option to rent the machine initially and then purchase the equipment whenever you choose, at no additional cost. The monthly fees you've already paid for the machine during the rental period will be subtracted from the total purchase price.

What are the validation services, and are they necessary for all projects?

Our optional validation services are designed to ensure that your materials are perfectly suited for extrusion, offering a solid foundation before moving forward. Here’s a detailed look at each service:

  • Expert Consultation (€200): Gain valuable insights from our materials specialists to assess your project's feasibility and material compatibility.

  • MFI Validation (€200): Evaluate the melt flow index (MFI) of your material, which is crucial for understanding how it will behave during the extrusion process.

  • Materials Development Analysis (€2000): This comprehensive analysis delves into your material's specifics, providing a detailed overview of its extrusion potential and optimizing it for your project needs.

  • Personalized Workshop (€2200): Engage in a tailored session focused on your project, where our team demonstrates the extrusion process with your materials, refining ideas and providing clear insights.

  • Group Workshop (VDP):* Participate in a collaborative setting with other innovators, sharing insights and learning from collective experiences under the guidance of our experts.

  • On-site Workshop (€5000): Our specialists come to you and offer an in-depth, hands-on experience with your team, ensuring everyone is well-versed in handling the materials and equipment.

  • Industry Expert Contact: We can facilitate connections with industry experts (subject to availability), enhancing your project with external expertise and advice.

These services are tailored to reduce risks and clarify the capabilities of your materials, ensuring a smooth transition to our Onboarding Phase and, ultimately, to the successful use of our equipment.

Can I test my materials with your equipment before making a decision?

Absolutely! Our renting plan includes a two-month trial, allowing you to test your materials and familiarize yourself with our equipment before making any long-term commitments. You can see more about the Trial Phase here.

What happens after the two-month trial period?

After onboarding, you decide the next step: purchase the equipment, continue with our Rental Service, or return the equipment and get a full refund.

What does the professional onboarding include?

The onboarding phase includes all necessary equipment and bi-weekly sessions with a customer success agent, ensuring a smooth start and a comprehensive understanding of the process.

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