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3devo Attends Formnext


Formnext Frankfurt 2016 Stand

the 3devo stand at Formnext Frankfurt 2016

Lisette, Lucas, Jasper and Tim visited the Formnext show in Frankfurt for 3devo. Formnext is one of the biggest shows in 3D printing. The show attracts many players from across the 3D printing industry from industrial metal printing companies to compounders and software vendors. This year over 13,000 visitors attended the show visiting 307 exhibitor stands. Formnext is a nice chance to meet almost our entire industry in one go. Anyone from all the machine OEMs to service bureaus in Europe attend. It was great for our team to be introduced to so many people in one go. In a few days we were also able to see many innovations and new product launches. Not that our team got a lot of opportunity to leave our stand. We were swamped. The team really liked meeting so many people, especially since the attendees were so knowledgeable about 3D printing, plastics and our industry. We had two machines on our stand and were extruding PLA and other materials non stop to show people that the 3devo NEXT 1.0 is a reliable high end device.  We had a lot of good conversations with plastics companies, chemical companies, industrials, OEMs and compounders. It was a very successful event for us and we will be sure to attend again.

Formnext Stand 2016 Tim

Formnext stand 2016 with Tim.

Tim said that, “it was great to in a few days meet so many people from the Additive Manufacturing industry and meet so many people with deep plastics and manufacturing knowledge”, “apart from the many useful conversations and new contacts the event was well organized and fun.” Lisette added that, “Formnext was incredibly hectic and busy for us and an excellent opportunity to meet so many manufacturing firms.” Besides being on our stand the team also got along great with the folks from Opiliones, the large format delta 3D printer OEM which were our neighbors. There were visits to the Brauhaus and a BASF party replete with bands and beers. The event space was impeccable and everything was very well organized.  Altogether we can really recommend Formnext for any 3D printing company or anyone who wants to in a short time get a good overview of the manufacturing side of 3D printing. There are a plethora of 3D printing shows nowadays but if you attend only one, do Formnext. See you all next year!