Charting New Horizons

At 3devo, we've grown from our roots as a pioneering hardware developer to a holistic solution provider in 3D printing.


Why is 3devo evolving?

As part of our commitment to enabling 1 million 3D printing innovations, we've identified a need for transformation. Beginning in January 2024, we're taking a significant step by evolving our business model. This change isn't just about adapting; it's about intensifying our impact in the 3D printing world. Moving away from a primary focus on sales, we're redirecting our energies toward more meaningful project collaboration. This shift allows us to contribute more directly to innovation and growth in your filament extrusion projects. 

Will I be able to get access your machines after January 2024?

While direct sales will cease after January 2024, this does not mean our machines are out of reach. Instead, we're introducing a more flexible, project-based approach to equipment access.

When will these changes come into effect?

This evolution will take some time to phase in, but we can tell you that direct sales of 3devo machines from our sales team will end in January 2024. As soon as this happens, we will be able to move on to the next step of this transition.

Can we still buy products after January 2024?

Yes, our machines will still be available to buy, but through alternative means. For customers who purchase after January 2024, 3devo will be able to offer basic support but there will be changes to what is available when buying indirectly.

I’m an existing customer/I already own a 3devo machine; what does this mean for me?

Your access to 3devo technical support will not change; you will still be able to buy spare parts, request specialist training, and access practical guidance for your filament extrusion goals. In fact, our team will be able to give even more assistance to your projects as of January 2024.

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