Start taking initiative over your recycling projects

Turn Your Plastic Waste Into a Resource

We close the loop by converting plastic waste into quality 3D printing filament.


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What Are The Benefits Of Plastic Recycling?

Make value out of waste

Plastic can be put to good use rather than ending up in landfills. Especially with modified or enhanced plastics. When you’re dealing with plastic samples, models, or even prototypes, it pays off to re-use that material.

An energy-efficient alternative

By recycling plastic, 80% of the total energy that goes into manufacturing new plastic products is saved. 80%! That’s quite a lot. Reduce the amount of plastic being manufactured and help the environment.

Reduce the amount of space

The unfortunate part about plastic disposal is that it is simply thrown into landfills. Given that most types of plastic can be recycled – put these different materials to good use.


Moving towards a sustainable future with the GP20 Shredder Hybrid

Given the state of our planet and its finite resources, recycling and reusing are the only way ahead. The GP20 shredder hybrid is a good step in this direction. Through this hybrid plastic processor, we hope to encourage the widespread reuse of old plastics, thereby promoting sustainable and environment-friendly practices.

A mass production tool, in a super-compact plastic processer

We’ve equipped the GP20 shredder hybrid with the ability to deliver high-speed and high-quality results at low energy consumption. Making this the ideal tool for a wide range of applications, from a home-based learning tool to a high-performance addition for an industrial setup.

Create your closed-loop Filament Factory

End-to-end solutions for 3D printing From plastic granulate to filament and back


Collect your plastic

From old plastics to all the way to prototypes that already served its purpose

Shred your plastic

Shred the plastic into equal dimensions so it can later be melted into filament

Dry your plastic

Prevent  filament irregularities to your filament by pre-drying it

Extrude your plastic

Extrude the regrinds into the desired filament diameter

Print your plastic

Now, print away with the repurposed plastic filament


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