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To Buy or Not To Buy: 3devo pricing options explained!

To Buy or Not To Buy: 3devo pricing options explained!

At 3devo, we embrace the spirit of innovation that drives our customers – the 3D printing engineers, educators, and pioneers in every field. We understand that the journey from idea to tangible result is unique for everyone. That's why we believe in providing flexible pricing options to best support the diversity of our customer base and the projects they undertake.  

Navigating the financial aspects of acquiring the right equipment can often feel daunting. Whether you're leading a tech department towards the next big breakthrough, conducting groundbreaking research, or shaping the minds of the next generation, how you invest in technology makes all the difference. 

This is where our pricing options Rent or Buy – come into play. Each is designed with a different customer profile in mind, from those seeking the flexibility of a lease-type model to those ready to make a long-term investment by buying. 

In this blog post, we aim to guide you through these options. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your project's needs, your organizational goals, and your vision for the future. Let's explore what each pricing model has to offer and discover together which one might suit you best. 

Understanding Your Options

When it comes to acquiring the cutting-edge technology of 3devo’s Filament Makers and Plastic Shredder, there are two pathways to consider: Buying and Renting. Each pathway is tailored to fit different operational needs and financial strategies, allowing you to optimize your investment according to your project's lifecycle and your organization's cash flow. Here’s what you need to know to make the right choice for your venture. 

Buying Pathway 

The buying pathway is straightforward: customers make a one-time purchase and the equipment is theirs to keep. For universities, public institutions, and grant-funded organizations embarking on extensive research and development with multiple applications, buying a Filament Maker from 3devo is an investment in freedom and flexibility. Ownership means these institutions gain an asset that fully integrates into their long-term projects and educational programs. These entities typically engage in diverse and evolving research projects that require unrestrained, intensive use. 

Benefits of Buying: 

  • Long-Term Asset: The outright purchase of a Filament Maker positions it as a long-term asset for institutions, contributing to the wealth of resources available to students and researchers. 
  • Direct Ownership: Owning the equipment outright gives freedom to explore a wide array of materials and processes without limits. This allows for modification and co-creation with the machines to push the boundaries of material innovation.  
  • Flexibility for Grant-Funded Projects: Universities and institutions often operate with grant funding that can cover the cost of purchasing equipment, making it a viable option that aligns with their financial frameworks.

And beyond that, these institutions can amplify the value of their purchase by opting into 3devo's Success Service subscription. This service complements the purchase by offering: 

  • Personalized Support from a Materials Specialist: Regular monthly progress reviews and assistance with overcoming challenges specific to their projects. 
  • Project Consultation: Expert advice that aligns with the complex needs and goals of varied research initiatives, ensuring that each project is optimally supported. 
  • Access to the DevoJourney App: An invaluable tool for project mapping that helps track progress, plan future developments, and streamline research activities. 
  • Comprehensive Technical Support: Assurance that any technical hurdles can be swiftly addressed, allowing for uninterrupted project continuity. 
  • Support Platform Access: This provides an additional layer of support and resources, facilitating a smoother workflow and enhancing the overall research and development process. 

The combination of purchasing the equipment and subscribing to our Success Service provides a comprehensive solution for research and education-focused entities, ensuring they are equipped not only with the tools but also with the expertise to succeed. 

Discover more about our buying options here.

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The 3devo Filament Maker is an intuitive research tool

Rental Pathway 

The rental model is ideal for organizations that prioritize operational flexibility and cost management without compromising on the quality of their output. It’s an ideal solution for innovative startups, and companies of all sizes exploring new material projects or undertaking specific, time-bound research initiatives. With the benefit of minimizing upfront costs, rental provides a viable alternative to outright purchase, enabling these organizations to leverage state-of-the-art filament-making technology on their terms. 

Benefits of Renting: 

  • Risk-Free Testing: This feature offers customers the opportunity to assess the machine's compatibility with their specific projects or operational needs. It provides a practical, hands-on way to validate the Filament Maker's or Shredder's capabilities, ensuring the machine meets precise requirements before making a commitment. 
  • Low-cost Scalability: As projects evolve and demands change, the rental option offers the agility to scale up or down. This can mean adding more machines to increase production capacity or scaling back as projects conclude, ensuring that resources are always aligned with current needs.
  • Adaptable Success Service: Customers have access to 3devo's Success Service, providing maintenance, support, and consultation on a flexible basis that can be adjusted or cancelled as project needs evolve, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the duration of equipment use.

  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance: One of the most significant benefits of renting is the inclusion of comprehensive support and maintenance services, which ensure that any downtime is minimized, keeping operations smooth and efficient. Ongoing support also gives renters access to the latest software updates, particularly beneficial in a field where technology progresses rapidly.

For organizations charting a course through the competitive landscape of 3D printing and material innovation, the rental pathway offers a blend of (financial) flexibility and support that can act as a catalyst for growth and discovery. This option automatically includes our Success Service, so customers gain all the benefits of this from the very start. 3devo is committed to being not only a provider of advanced equipment but a valuable project partner.

By choosing to rent, companies can navigate the uncertainties of project-based work with confidence, knowing they have the support, technology, and financial flexibility to not just respond to the market, but to shape it. 

Discover more about our renting options here.

Professional Onboarding

Both pricing models offered by 3devo, whether buying or renting, begin with an in-depth onboarding process. This comprehensive introduction is designed to ensure that all customers, regardless of their chosen path, start from a position of strength and confidence in using their Filament Maker and/or Plastic Shredder.

Benefits of Comprehensive Onboarding:

  • Accelerated Learning Curve: Customers soon become proficient in operating the equipment, thanks to targeted training sessions that cover all operational aspects of the machine. This quickly acquired competency reduces downtime and accelerates the start of productive work.

  • Maximized Machine Potential: With a deep understanding of the machine's capabilities from the outset, customers can leverage its full potential, experimenting with a wide range of materials and processes to meet their project's unique demands.

  • Customized Support: Onboarding is tailored to meet the specific needs and skill levels of each customer, ensuring that the training is relevant and immediately applicable. This personalized approach fosters a deeper understanding of the machine’s capabilities in the context of each customer's projects.

  • Foundation for Ongoing Success: Starting with a strong foundation, customers are better positioned to utilize 3devo’s Success Service effectively, tapping into maintenance, support, and consultation services with a clear understanding of how these can bring value to their projects.

This initial onboarding phase embodies 3devo's commitment to customer success, ensuring that every user can achieve their filament extrusion goals.

Potential Customer Profiles  

Through comprehensive market research and ongoing engagement with our diverse customer base, we've gained insights into the unique needs and challenges faced by different sectors when integrating advanced 3D printing technologies into their operations. Our findings have not only informed the development of our flexible pricing options but have also enabled us to tailor our solutions to best support the ambitious projects of innovators around the world. 

In the following section, we are excited to present a series of illustrative customer profiles. These examples, while fictional, are based on real-life case studies and success stories from within our extensive network of users. From pioneering educational institutions setting new standards in research and development, to forward-thinking manufacturers reshaping their industries with sustainable practices, these profiles showcase the potential of our Filament Maker under various operational and financial strategies. 

Sample profile: Buying option 

In the academic world, where the landscape of learning and innovation is ever-expanding, the value of robust and reliable tools in engineering and design departments cannot be overstated. Technical Universities are a beacon of progress in higher education, and they stand as a prime example of how purchasing a Filament Maker from 3devo can be not just a transaction, but a strategic investment in the future of education and research. 

"Technical University of X (TUX)" 

At Technical University of X (TUX), the Engineering and Design Department is renowned for its commitment to leading-edge technology and methodologies. Their mission is to equip the next generation of engineers and designers with a deep understanding of material sciences and the practical skills to innovate sustainably. Recognizing the need for versatile 3D printing equipment that serves a multitude of purposes—from facilitating student learning to advancing complex research—the department has chosen the buying pathway for acquiring their Filament Maker. 

The decision to buy reflects the department's long-term vision. It provides students and faculty with unrestricted access to the machine, essential for the department's wide array of applications and research. Whether it's undergraduates crafting their first prototypes or doctoral candidates pushing the boundaries of material capabilities, ownership ensures that all educational tiers benefit from continuous, unrestricted access. This a great example of how we work with different financial situations to get valuable tools into the hands of those who need it. 

Strategic Investment 

TUX's investment aligns with their core educational and innovation goals. With access to educational grants and a dedicated capital budget, the university is positioned to invest in assets that will serve its community for years to come. Buying the Filament Maker is a one-time expense that promises a high return in educational value and research output, fitting neatly into the financial structures of grant-funded research projects. 

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Our team of Materials Specialists and Support Agents give expert advice on-demand
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Enhancing Ownership with the Success Service 

To maximize their new asset, TUX also opts in to 3devo's Success Service. This service offers a comprehensive support system that includes a dedicated Materials Specialist to provide monthly progress reviews and assist with project challenges. It’s an invaluable asset for a busy academic environment, ensuring that both students' and researchers' needs are met. 

The DevoJourney App further complements the Filament Maker, offering an interactive platform for project mapping and management—critical for maintaining clarity and structure in both coursework and research initiatives. The app serves as a digital logbook and a collaborative space, encouraging a transparent learning process and fostering community among users. 

Moreover, the ongoing technical support ensures that the department's workflow remains uninterrupted. With equipment so integral to daily operations, the assurance that any technical issues can be quickly addressed is invaluable. 

Sample Profile: Rental Option 

In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, where innovation intersects with sustainability, companies such as car manufacturers are setting the pace. One (fictional) example customer, GreenDrive, is a mid-sized trailblazer in eco-friendly automotive manufacturing, with a dedication to sustainability. But in a sector where flexibility is key and every investment counts, how does a company like GreenDrive keep pushing without overextending financially? The answer lies in our strategic approach to equipment acquisition: the rental pathway. 


At the heart of GreenDrive's operation is a commitment to sustainable practices, which includes a significant emphasis on recycling and repurposing materials. The Filament Maker rental model offered by 3devo is a perfect match for their ethos and operational model. It provides the means to transform in-house plastic waste into high-grade filament for prototyping and small-scale manufacturing. This not only aids in reducing environmental impact but also keeps production agile and cost-effective. 

GreenDrive's goal to continuously innovate and adapt to changing market demands requires a manufacturing process that is both dynamic and scalable. With the rental model, they have the freedom to scale up their filament production capability instantly, aligning perfectly with project lifecycles and fluctuating production needs. The ability to add extra machines at a reduced rental rate without the burden of a full purchase ensures that GreenDrive can manage their resources efficiently, investing more into research and development. 

The Practical Benefits of Renting 

The rental model shines when it comes to financial planning. For GreenDrive, avoiding large upfront investments allows for better cash flow management and the allocation of funds to other critical areas of innovation. This financial flexibility is critical in an industry known for its intensive capital requirements. 

Moreover, the subscription includes comprehensive technical support and professional onboarding, which are invaluable to GreenDrive. These services ensure that the company’s team remains focused on their core work — designing and manufacturing eco-friendly cars — while 3devo handles the complexities of maintaining and optimizing the equipment. 

Sustainable Innovation 

GreenDrive's journey with 3devo begins with the Filament Maker ONE, an essential tool for turning recycled materials into viable filament for automotive parts. As their requirements grow, they utilize the scalability of the rental pathway to incorporate additional Filament Makers, enhancing their production line as seamlessly as they innovate in the automotive space. And if a project concludes or the market shifts, customers benefit from the flexibility to scale down or switch gears. 

The journey of GreenDrive with 3devo exemplifies how the rental model can be a powerful tool for companies looking to maintain a competitive edge. It offers a balance between maintaining cutting-edge technological capability and adhering to strict budgetary and environmental standards — a balance that is increasingly defining the future of manufacturing. 

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Our machines enable the creation of high-quality filament from a variety of materials

Our Machines Unlock Potential

Let's not forget that at the heart of these two pricing options are the 3devo Filament Makers, key equipment offering precision, versatility, and ease of use to a wide range of industries. Designed to meet the needs of engineers, educators, researchers, and 3D printing innovators, these machines enable the creation of high-quality filament from a variety of materials, including but not limited to PLA, ABS, PETG, and specialized polymers that incorporate fillers for enhanced properties. One of the key advantages of 3devo's machines is their ability to work with a wide range of thermoplastic materials. Users can experiment with different polymers and additives to create custom filament suited to specific applications, from prototyping to functional part production. 

Focusing on sustainability, our Filament Makers facilitate the recycling of plastic waste into new filament, aligning with circular economy principles and lessening environmental impact. This approach not only diminishes the environmental footprint associated with plastic 3D printing but also aligns with the principles of the circular economy, potentially leading to significant cost savings. Within academic and research environments, these machines prove invaluable. They not only facilitate a hands-on approach to learning about new materials and processes but also bolster research into innovative applications of 3D printing technology. Built with industrial-grade durability, our Filament Maker range are designed to withstand the rigors of continuous operation, ensuring dependable performance and minimizing downtime. The integration of sophisticated software further enhances these capabilities, providing users with detailed control over every aspect of the extrusion process. For those in the 3D printing sector seeking to innovate, reduce waste, or explore material sciences, 3devo's offerings represent a significant step towards achieving these goals. 

Pricing Summary

In the realm of innovation, where every project carries its unique challenges and aspirations, finding the right support in technology can be a game-changer. At 3devo, we understand this deeply. Our buying and renting pathways are more than just pricing models; they are gateways to achieving your innovative goals, whether in education, research, or commercial production. By presenting these options, we aim to empower our customers with the flexibility to choose a path that aligns seamlessly with their operational needs and financial strategies. 

Our example success stories from Technical University of X (TUX) and GreenDrive showcase the real-world applications and benefits of our Filament Makers. These narratives illustrate the potential for transformative impacts across industries, emphasizing our commitment to being more than just a provider — we are your partner in innovation. Whether you’re seeking to own the latest in filament technology or prefer the adaptability of a subscription, 3devo stands ready to support your journey from concept to creation. 

We invite you to explore these pathways and discover how 3devo can elevate your projects. Our team is on hand to provide personalized consultations, helping you to navigate the options and find the perfect fit for your unique needs. Together, let’s unlock the potential of 3D printing and material innovation, turning today’s ideas into tomorrow’s solutions. 

Ready to take the next step in your innovation journey? Contact us today to learn more about our buying and renting options and how we can tailor our technology and support to your specific goals.  


Pricing Option Recap:



What are the main differences between the Buying and Renting pathway?

Buying means you make a one-time purchase and own the Filament Maker outright, giving you unlimited access and use without any ongoing fees. It’s ideal for institutions or organizations with long-term, continuous needs. Renting offers flexibility with a lower initial investment, allowing you to use the Filament Maker for a monthly fee. This option includes regular updates and support, making it perfect for projects with variable durations or for those wanting to stay at the cutting edge of technology without a large upfront cost. 

Can I switch from rental to purchase if my needs change?

Yes, flexibility is at the core of our offerings. If you start with a rental and later decide that buying the equipment outright better suits your needs, we can accommodate this change. The specifics of how this transition works depend on the length of your rental period and other factors, which our team can discuss with you in detail. 

Does the Success Service subscription provide benefits even if I choose to buy the Filament Maker outright?

Absolutely. While buying gives you the equipment with no need for monthly fees, adding the Success Service subscription ensures you receive ongoing support, including access to a materials specialist, monthly progress reviews, project consultation, and comprehensive technical support. This combination ensures you maximize the potential of your Filament Maker. 

What happens at the end of a rental period? Can I extend, upgrade, or return the equipment?

At the end of your chosen rental period, you have the flexibility to extend your subscription, upgrade to newer models, or return the equipment if it’s no longer needed. Our goal is to support your evolving project requirements and operational needs, ensuring that you always have the best solution at hand. 

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