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Filament Makers

Break new grounds in recycling with our Filament Makers. Our Composer and Precision Filament Extruders are at the forefront of 3D printing innovation. Harness their potential for research, materials development, and pushing boundaries in the lab. Your next groundbreaking discovery awaits.


GP20 Shredder Hybrid

With our Plastic Shredder, take a decisive step in recycling. Efficiently process used plastics, 3D prints, and more. Committed to sustainability, it's more than a tool. It's a solution. Make every piece matter.


Patented 3D Technology, Mattise.

Discover how Lattice Medical's patented 3D technology, Mattise, is revolutionizing breast reconstruction, making it more accessible, effective, and affordable for patients!


Upcycling is Off To a Promising Start at Audi.

AUDI is leaping into a new era of sustainability as they create new components from plastic packaging waste. How are they doing this? Through their pilot 3D printing and upcycling project incorporating our solution.


Taking Circular Economy from Theory to Practice.

Students of Lapland University of Applied Sciences were constrained by the amount of 3D printing they could perform in their laboratory.

By recycling common materials used for filament, this problem was solved. Maintaining the university's vision of bringing sustainability to educational practices.

A full recycling ecosystem

From design to development and production, 3devo creates the most complete filament extrusion machines and tools. Using cutting-edge technology, and high-quality European standards, our goal is to make filament extrusion simple for everyone!

Filament Makers
Plastic Shredder
Polymer Dryer

Customer Care

Customer care is always the first priority for us. On our online help platform, you will find video tutorials, troubleshooting steps and solutions, and everything else you may need to know about filament extrusion.

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3D Printing is a demanding procedure with a focus on detail and we know that. By using the highest quality standards, we make sure that you will be able to recycle your plastics for a long time.



We are never standstill. Innovation is the reason
3devo was born, thus it is always at the center
of our core values.


Materials Made Simple

Our mission is simple – to streamline the process of material research and development. How do we do this? By providing you with the best accessible features with the highest quality components. Are you ready to join the revolution in material development?

“All-in-All, the extruder is a cost-saving alternative for our 3D printing needs, as it cuts out expensive purchases and deliveries of ready-made filament.”
Svein A. Hjelmtveit
Laboratory Manager
“Navigating the menu was intuitive and the pre-set list is adequate for the first steps of processing.”
Pere Castell
Nanotechnology Manager
“As of this moment, we are extruding a new type of material weekly.”
Martin Olofsson
Laboratory Engineer
“It is a lot more flexible than our big extruder. Quick to use and doesn’t need lots of material. This device allows us to conduct most tests as part of research projects with other companies.”
Kurt van Houtte
Coordinator Fablab
“The machine is perfectly suitable for small batch extrusion in short time-frames, and allows you to immediately proceed with material testing and analysis.”
Mathias Czasny
Materials Scientist

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