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Filament Extrusion System by 3devo

Our Filament Extruders and GP20 Plastic Shredder enable the creation of Custom 3D Printing Filament. Tailor your filament using our Desktop Filament Extruder by choosing materials and adding additives or colorants for your specific project needs. Efficiently Recycle 3D print waste and discarded plastics with our Shredder, transforming them into new, high-quality filament for further use. Ideal for labs, classrooms, and workshops, our equipment supports both innovation and sustainability.
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Hear From Our Clients

“All-in-All, the extruder is a cost-saving alternative for our 3D printing needs, as it cuts out expensive purchases and deliveries of ready-made filament.”
Svein A. Hjelmtveit aitiip-1
Svein A. Hjelmtveit
Laboratory Manager, Fieldmade
“Navigating the menu was intuitive, and the pre-set list is perfect for the first steps of processing.”
Pere Castell
Nanotechnology Manager, Aitiip 3D
“The machine is perfectly suitable for small batch extrusion in short time-frames, and allows you to immediately proceed with material testing and analysis.”
mathias czasny
Dr. Mathias Czasny
Materials Scientist, TU Berlin
“As of this moment, we are extruding a new type of material weekly.”
Martin Olofsson
Laboratory Engineer, Research Institutes of Sweden
“The Composer 450 is ideal for proceeding with immediate testing and analysis as it requires the minimum amount of input material, unlike the other extruders which require a minimum input of one kilogram.”
Corinne van Noordenne
Researcher and Lecturer, NHL Stenden
“It is a lot more flexible than our big extruder. Quick to use and doesn’t need lots of material. This device allows us to conduct most tests as part of research projects with other companies.”
Kurt van Houtte
Coordinator Fablab, Ghent University

Is Your Filament Extrusion Project Feasible?

Check the feasibility of your project with our free project builder. 


Discover the Applications

Research and Experimentation

Create brand-new filament composites with unique materials like glass or carbon fiber or experiment with existing materials like ABS or PEEK.

Recycle Plastic Waste

Do you produce plastic waste? Convert it into 3d printing filament with our filament recycling system. 

Create Custom Filament

Are you looking for a specific filament for your brand-new application? Experiment with our machines and find the right material for your needs.
And More

Curious About Your Material's Extrudability?

Schedule a Material Test to discover the potential of your polymers.

Explore Our Machines in Action with CNC Kitchen

Explore 3D printing innovation with Stefan from CNC Kitchen. See our Filament Makers in action.

What does 3devo do?

At 3devo, we specialize in advancing 3D printing technology with our innovative Filament Maker series and GP20 Plastic Shredder, designed to facilitate the creation and recycling of Custom 3D printing filaments. By enabling users to experiment with a diverse range of materials and transform plastic waste into high-quality filament, we support sustainability and innovation in various sectors. Our Project Partnership plans offer flexible rental or purchase options, complemented by expert consultation and tailored training sessions. This comprehensive support ensures our partners have all the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in their projects, making 3devo a crucial ally in the world of 3D printing innovation.

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